Chapter Four

Sadie and Hazel collectively squealed over the three-way phone call when I told them I wanted to go shopping.

"I never thought this day would come," Sadie gushed.

"We thought there was something wrong with you," Hazel affirmed insultingly. "I mean, what kind of girl never wants to go shopping?"

"A sane one," I mumbled under my breath.

"What was that, dear?" I'd always hated Sadie's super-sensitive hearing.

"Nothing," I quickly corrected. "When are we going?"

"Right now, of course." Hazel acted like I was stupid. "We have to get your new look in order before school starts next week. How would you feel about a haircut?"

I fingered my hair possessively. "My hair?"

"Nothing serious." Sadie was quick to reassure me. "Just some layers, maybe some side bangs. We're seniors, it's time you tried something new."

That didn't sound too bad. I took a very deep breath. "Okay."

Their squealing was enough to deafen anyone. "We'll pick you up in ten minutes. Don't even think of a way to get out of this." There was a click and the line went dead.

More than anything else, I wanted to crawl back into my bed and cry.

Step One: Change your look

"There's nothing wrong with my look." I was defensive. And why shouldn't I be?

"I never said there was anything wrong with it. Believe me, there isn't. I love your look. But in the interest of getting his attention, you have to do something attention grabbing." He was so infuriating.

"But in movies, 'change your look' is code for 'be more slutty.' I don't care what you say, I will not dress slutty for school."

"I didn't say dress like a slut. I said mix it up." His answering smile was so familiar and comforting I wanted to kiss him again.

"Can't I just flash the entire school instead? Anything but that."

"You are more than welcome to flash the school. But the consequences of that are a lot worse than changing your look." He gave that all-knowing Sage look.

"Consequences?" I hadn't thought of that.

"Well, first, I think suspension would probably be involved. And as a result, you'd lose your perfect attendance record, and perhaps valedictorian?"

Dread filled my body. He was right. I needed something to get Flynn's attention. And flashing the whole school was not going to do it. Changing my look was the only way.

He saw my resolve and said, in that cocky tone of his, "I'm always right. Call Hazel and Sadie to take you shopping."

Absolute horror filled my face. "Sh-shopping? With Hazel and Sadie?"

"Is there a problem with that?"

"Of course there is," I exploded, "I have been shopping with them a grand total of three times. The first was our freshman year. It gave me every incentive to never go again."

"My little drama queen," he ruffled my hair.

I acted like he'd said nothing. "The second time was for last year's prom. And the third was for this year's homecoming. All three trips were an absolute disaster!"

"Not quite a disaster."

I looked at him defiantly. "How would you know?"

"They paid off. You looked amazing at both homecoming and prom. Now go! Go get your make over."

"They're going to be as bad as Stacy and Jack on What Not to Wear. If not worse. They'll go through my closet and throw away everything I love to wear."

"They won't be that bad." He pulled me up from the bed and gave me a brief, chaste kiss to my lips. "You should call them right now. Goodbye."

"Bye…" I hugged him briefly, fighting the desire to kiss him again, and left.

The doorbell rang downstairs and I left my room to meet my two insane best friends. My mom got their first and I heard them squealing to her.

"Rebecca!" Hazel was always the more vocal of the two. "She's finally agreed to let us take her shopping!"

Mom turned around and met my eyes with one of the happiest looks I'd ever seen on her face. "Hayden, really?" She had been a huge fashionista in high school. Even as an adult, she still kept up with fashion and looked very good for her age. It was lucky my step-dad, Heath, was one of the best lawyers in the state. He could afford her spendy habits. "I never thought this day would come." She sounded on the verge of tears.

Oh, gosh.

"I know," Hazel yelped enthusiastically. "We are going to have so much fun." She ran to me and threw her arms around my waist, squeezing the miniscule amount of enthusiasm I had right out of my body.

"Wait a moment, Hay." I bit back my dislike of that nickname as she rushed to her purse. "Take my card, but please remember, nothing over five thousand."

I blanched. Since Mom had married Heath Rouse, we'd lived with a lot of money. Money I didn't know what to do with. It was still weird to hear her throw monetary terms around like that. "Thanks mom, but I don't think it'll be a pro—"

"Don't refuse, Hayden." Sadie hadn't spoken yet, but now she was giving me a stop talking look. "It's rude. And five thousand sounds just about right."

"Five Thousand? Guys, how much are we going to buy?"

Hazel laughed. "A lot less than you'd think. Now let's go, I made an emergency meeting with Alfonso for your hair."

"Alfonso?" I asked incredulously. "What kind of name is that?

"Hayden Marie," Mom scolded threateningly. "Alfonso happens to be the best hairstylist around and he charges a pretty penny for perfection. Don't be rude to him. I'll never feel right going in for another appointment from him again."

I threw my arms up in surrender and let Hazel and Sadie take me away for what was sure to be hours and hours of torture.

"Oh, and don't forget, you have dinner with your dad tonight!" She called to me as the door was closing.


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