revised 02/07/12

they were submerged.

he could chase her dragon away.
he was her knight -
because he told her that
she knew,
wrapped in the warmth of the embrace.
she was
surrounded by him,
protected by him,
weightless by him -
the stuff -
before she breathed him in, drawing out:
"I love you," with on breath
and he told her:
they were submerged.
the fictitious feeling that
couldn't stop
this factual fondling
hands through hair, fingers on cheeks.
then the all mighty rush.
they leaned against each other as the world began to swirl,
nauseatingly so.
this was good stuff,
she could taste it in the back of her throat since
his kiss lingered on her mouth.
she took a deep breath while
he placed his lips to hers. sparking a flame
under his silver armor of foil.
her fingertips shook
as he joined her on the floor.
trying to itch that itch
while pushing to stop the shakes,
wiping away her tears,
and with a sniffle,
she accepted she couldn't be alone
until he opened the door.
it drained her from the inside
making her sweat and sore;
pulling out her hair,
she was waiting for death.