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SUMMARY: War of Wings between White and Black winged Angels ravages the Heaven. A more subtle war of White Crane against White Snake is going on in the mortal world. Surja's brother, Motou Kiyoshiel, the Wingless Angel, is caught in the middle of it all. Everything from his past suddenly tracks him down. His strength is needed. Will he find a good enough reason to fight the memories he left behind?

Silent Voice


Lifebreath … all living creatures have it. It is known by many names. But no matter what you might call it, it is a part of us all. A part of you. A part of me.

Not many, though, are physically aware of it.

Some are learning to reach for this mythical Force within. They do so with meditation, trying to gain control over it and by that, control over themselves. Success of that is the greatest achievement of the human mind.

Only those who passed that line, can think about starting to learn to use it. Using Qi brings you great strength. Those who keep that line, stay on the other side purely in spirit, call it enlightenment. But make it physical, embody that control, and you become one of us. One of Power-wielders. And such achievement can become genetic. If you live long enough to actually have any offspring. For the battle is our life and our life is a battle.

Qi comes from Heaven, where a war between Black and White-winged Angels rages eternally. The War. Coming consciously in contact with this excess of their strength makes your blood hot, your body charged and you need special training to keep it under control, or else death and destruction are imminent. So, it is not hard to believe that by our very nature every one of us is searching for an excuse to fight.

I managed to get out of it.

Fight enough and avoid death, and you have a chance to reach that legendary stage of ascension. Where you join the Angels in their infinite fight. But their world and rules are beyond our comprehension. I, myself, am thankful for the lack of passage between our worlds. We cause enough problems by ourselves. Perhaps Unspoken know some secret, can comprehend a bit of that other world. But as their name suggests, they don't really speak of it.

We fight our battles, until we learn how to live without it. To overcome the need that Power gives us, we train our minds and bodies. To use and supress Power. To try to live an everyday life.

This is the life I choose.

But it's not my life that I want to talk about. It is the life of my beloved. He is called a hero by the youths. He is called a weapon by his superiors. Among his peers, he is known as a walking legend, a myth of the Wingless Angel in the flesh. Lifebreath amount of an Angel … in a mortal body. Spending Qi he was filled with since he was filled with life, and he will continue to spend it up to his very death. He doesn't need to suck it from his surroundings to survive like an Unspoken, nor to just refresh himself as a normal Power-wielder. He is one of a kind.

I, however, call him my brother. My family. Motou Kiyoshiel is his name and he deserves the peace he so desperately sought. He sacrificed himself without a thought, he fought, spilled blood, was betrayed … He went through terror after terror, until he managed to leave the war behind. Feeling his tribute to it was finally over. Feeling he now needed to fight that desire; that need to use Qi for battle. And he somehow managed to live this way. He really did. At least for four years.

Until that week came …