Long, dark nights I waited

Hoped against hope for you to return

I was drowned in my delusions of love,

Did not care about the pain it caused me,

Gave away my dreams, my life,

Only believing in you

I never got the closure I needed

With the cowardly games

You played with my heart!

Each time I got my hopes up,

Still believing in you,

Only to again be shattered and torn apart

I was drowning in a deep, dark ocean,

Almost all had deserted me;

Still I reached for your hand, in vain,

For you never came

Soulless body I became,

With a clinic heart unable to feel

After months I met you,

Chance meeting it was,

My walls came down, and,

One last time I hoped!

However, that last kiss that day

Sealed away my past with you,

I knew there was no returning now

I finally got my closure;

The second our lips parted,

I knew it was over deep down,

I did not even need you to tell me,

Those selfish reasons of yours,

I knew you cared naught about me

You were no longer the man

That you once were;

Or have you always been like this?

Was I the one, who, blinded by love,

Refused to stop believing in you?

No matter what, I have finally got my closure

And that's all I need

A/N: The single line breaks aren't working properly for me and because of that I'm using the horizontal rules instead! can anyone please tell me exactly how to give a single line spacing?? thank you!!