Dear Devil-Hey, I know I haven't reported in a while. I was kinda busy with studying how to stay invisible….Haha….Yeah, bad excuse. Well, I am sending you this email cuz I need a new client. I'm freaking bored and I think I'm ready to rank up to a new position now. Any client will do but, I would like to get someone more challenging to pull down. Please reply back as soon as possible! Hate.

2. Dear Devil-Hey, Satan…Ummm….About the client….I mean, I'm not questioning your authority but, she's a little girl. A LITTLE GIRL!!! How am I supposed to corrupt a little girl?!? She can't even count to ten right! Is this some joke or something? I'm verrrrrry serious about ranking up, I hope u know that sir. I just wanted confirmation that the girl is actually my target and not a joke from the senior demons. Oh yes, happy birthday! Hate. 1 Year Later

3. Dear Devil-I have more information on the girl. Sorry it took so long to message back, she has been…difficult. Alright, she is named Rain Domon. She is 4 years old now and her family lives in Minnesota. With my recent observations, she is starting to become verbally abused by her father. With that I can start my work in her heart tomorrow. Hate.
Dear Devil-It's been a few months since the abuse started and now she is becoming more rebellious to her family. Only thing….her mother keeps praying me away. Its sooooo annoying….Has anybody come up with an Anti-prayer weapon or something? Ugh, anyway, she also got in trouble for biting her teacher's finger in class today. IT seems my hatred is flowing into her easier now…. Hate. 6 Years Later
Dear Devil-Her resistance has been weakening a lot now, her mother and father divorced after the mother found out her husband was cheating on her. Rain stays locked in her room, crying all day long and Suicide tries to get to her but, I won't let him…Rain is my client, tell him to mess with some drunkard or emo kid…. Well, social-wise, Rain doesn't talk much anymore, doesn't have many friends and get's angry very easy if someone forces her to get out of her shell, especially her mom. It's hilarious seeing those two fight about crap all the time…I hope these results are to your liking, sir! Hate. 5 years later
Dear Devil-Her rebellion and hatred are heightening to amazing levels. She started hanging out with the "Preps" at her school and they talk about people behind their backs a lot, mostly drama trash. They drink and smoke a lot at parties and she almost had sex with this one dude one night. Almost. She always blabs about her mom and how much she hates her so much and blahblahblah….Rain also recently got caught with a bag of weed in her bedroom and is in jail for punching her mom in the face. It's getting VERY interesting… Hate.
7. Dear Devil-She is close. Very close. Her hatred is festering better than ever and through her two days in jail, she began believing that her father is the root of everything going wrong in her life. All the days of fighting, yelling, and hateful things spewed at her as a child eventually got to her mother's nerves and she left him because of his inhumane behavior. That's something I didn't know until I heard her whisper it to me when I was talking to her spirit. She's totally under my…..wait, hold on. Oh no, nonono this boy is trying to help her, I gotta go. 3 Years Later
8. Dear Devil-She is starting to resist my influence greater now…That damned Angelo; he's a Christian but, he is different from those hypocritical swine. He prays every day, reads his bible regularly, gives to people and ha a huge heart. Disgusting….what's worst is that he is in seminary becoming a pastor. On the way, he and Rain are becoming closer and closer every day and he managed to get her to forgive her father for what he did! Absurd!! I need help…..I found out he has a secret no one knows about and I need a certain rookie to work for me. I request Lust. 3 Months Later
9. Dear Devil-Hahahahahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..HA….The plan WORKED!!!! Lust did wonders getting him to succumb. Not only that, Rain walked in on him looking at porn and now they are on the verge of breaking their relationship. Her vulnerability and disappointment in God is making her a perfect target. Suicide and I are teaming up to finalize her soul for the Soul Reaping. Our report might come late so, don't wait up, sir. (Yes, me and Suicide teamed up. Bite me) Hate. Next day
ASFwawr-….ugh…fedf…..Sir, I failed…I failed miserably…This is what happened. Suicide went behind her and started telling her to go to the medicine cabinet to get pills while I whispered lies to her soul. I didn't notice her stupid…stupid…stupid bible on her bed edge and I knocked it over. She saw it and picked it up. I was screaming at her not to open it, suicide even grabbed onto her legs to try to stop her from moving. (Idiot) She opened it and recited John 3:16 and Suicide exploded from the verse and my limbs where Umpgfwtated….Hmputatewwq…AMPUTATED. (I'm using my tongue to type to you) Her and Angelo are talking as of right now….GAHGWGWRQWRG…..I hope you will understand……Proly not… T-T H4T3 End.