Chapter 1: Same old same old

He's tall, seductive, built, with dark black hair that shimmered in the light. His eyes were a gold yellowish colour. His lips were as soft as a marsh mellow and his skin was smooth like silk. I could never have wished for a better guy.

"Gillian Smith, do you think my class is boring? Is that why you fall asleep all the time?" Ms. Walker yelled in front of the class.

I opened my eyes to see everyone was staring at me. I had my head lying down on the desk, but then sat up. Well that was embarrassing. But this wasn't the first time. It always happened in English class. Ms. Walker was just boring to listen to. She was old, mean and her voice had a raspy sound to it. I swear I'm pretty sure she's like eighty years old. She needs to retire.

"Well Gillian, answer my question."

My eyes widened and I went to speak but nothing came out.

"Gillian down to the office to see you're Vice principal, I can't handle this nonsense of you falling in my class all the time."

I grabbed my bag and books on the table and headed out of the class room. I whipped my long red hair back and strutted out. Might as well make a dramatic exist.

I could hear the class laughing behind me and Ms. Walker then shut the door. I headed down the long hallway to get to the stair case to head to first floor. I passed by a few grade nines who were skipping class and saw my friend Alice who was rummaging through her locker. I ran up behind her and grabbed her waist from behind.

"Ahhh what the FUCK!" She screamed.

I burst out laughing. Alice was so paranoid, this is why she never could watch horror movies or go into haunted houses with me on Halloween. Last year there was haunted house down at the town square and I had actually convinced her to go in with me. But by the time we reached the front of the door to walk in a guy with a chainsaw ran up behind her and scared the shit out of her. That was the last time she would ever go near anything with the word haunted in it again.

"You bitch, what are you doing down here? Shouldn't you be in English class?" She asked.

"I got kicked out for falling asleep again. I'm supposed to be going to the office to see my V.P to talk about my nonsense behavior of falling asleep."

"Let me guess, Ms. Walker's words?"

"Yup, you guessed that right." I said.

We chatted for a few minutes and then I headed over to the office. Of course as always Mrs. Bell who ran the front desk was swamped in paper work. She was also one of the most clueless, weirdest and nicest people I knew. Every time I went to talk to my V.P she usually gave me a piece of candy.

"Hey Mrs. Bell"

"Oh, hello Gillian, Mr. Anderson is waiting for you." She said as she perked her head up over the desk.

"Alright thank you"

"Oh wait Gillian; here you go, you're, favorite."

She handed me a blue jolly rancher. I thanked her again and walked into Mr. Anderson's office.

I sat down in the big blue chair he had in front of his desk. He glared at me and then leaned back in his chair. He had a scruffy look happening. He had brown hair and it looked like it he hadn't brushed it this morning and a mustache to fit with his annoy ling weird personality.

"Ms. Smith this is the ninth time you have been down in my office this semester. For a grade eleven you should not be so foolish in class."

Clueless, was he actually serious? All I did was fall asleep in class a few times.

"Ms. Smith. You…"

"Mr. Anderson."I said as I cut him off. "You really must be joking. I only fell asleep in class. It's not like I skip class or throw erasers at people and cuss off the teacher"

He readjusted himself in his chair.

"Alright, I see your point. But that's not excuse to fall asleep in class."

"I promise sir it won't happen again." That was a complete lie.

"Fine, because you promise you can leave. Besides the bell is about to ring and you can go home."

He took a sip of his coffee and motioned with his hand for me to leave. I grabbed my bag and headed out the office. The bell finally rang and I ran to my locker. The grades 12's were pushing everyone out of their way and a lot of the grades 11's were hanging around the school chatting about their day. Most of the teachers were just trying to get out of there to go home.

I finally reached my locker and opened it. I looked in the mirror I had inside. My black mascara and eyeliner were a bit smudged. Plus my hair was all over the place. I slammed the locker door and headed out the nearest exit to meet Alice at the Tim Horton's down the road.

Today was just same old same old.