I sat there crocheting
a masterpiece to take
longer than a lifetime to
create. Well, often times,
you make a little mistake
which may go unnoticed
for a while, and the longer
it goes unnoticed, this
masterpiece will become
more difficult to fix. Every-
thing seems well until you
notice the mistake and have
only a few choices. You can
drop it and start another piece
which is far too absurd. This
piece of art means too much
to let go. But it let go of me
leaving me trapped. How can
something so dear let a mistake
and a setback just make my
intentions of bringing beauty
and being the dedication of
my life to it not worth a chance
to tighten the loose knot. If
a masterpiece can walk
away from me maybe
it could possibly come back.
I can only hope so.