Welcome to My World

Welcome to my life. It is more fascinating than most.

From the second I wake I hear the sound of a roaring waterfall.

It reminds me that, "Time is always rushing forward."

"Through the haze and the daze that lead to lonely ways," I always persevere and find solace in my company.

This makes me a person above all people.

When I am alone, I get inspired by simplicity like raindrops, like thunderstorms, like people raging against the oppression of life.

This is my life not yours, you don't understand my adversity. Your definition of what my life means is different than mine because in my world I am who I will become and nothing can change it. I am a roaring waterfall.

Welcome to my life. For fun I like to write about the things life sees.

It makes me happier than those who live without living.

In the electric heaven I call forth those things that only I have seen.

I always make sure that other's lessons will guide me on the right path.

In my life, my favorite person is the person I have created in my mind.

She is as one would wish to be, as a pure entity.

She makes me feel like life has purpose and meaning.

When I hear the mystic sound of her ringing voice, It takes me into the future heavens and never makes my life seem dreary, like the foggiest of days because she is my better half who I will never be.

Welcome to my life, in a world that no one sees.

In my world all you see is strangeness, disorder, controversy, and a person who can see for miles.

In my world, the style is my own.

People wear everything from ball gowns and diamonds to nothing at all.

The styles are unique.

As for me, I'm like the wind, transparent and ever-changing.

My personality is like the ocean, volatile and powerful.

My main purpose in life is to become a being of peace.

It is as graceful as the flowing stream.

When I achieve my goals I feel light like a leaf, freed from its earthly burden and, for a time, free to soar.

I want to share my world with those who understand.

Because in my life I feel the real world, for all its many things to see, is a world of the blind, and maybe a trip to MY world will open the eyes of all.

If there were three words to sum up my world, they'd be: peace, hope, life.