How can you be surrounded by a sea of souls

and yet feeling completely alone?

How can a fire spread so fast

and yet no one see comming its warm and light?

Are we blind to see how the statues claim a voice?

Are we just too selfish to realize we're in need of a saving rope?


Going and ask for direction

walking after midnight wishing for the best

never knowing what is like to feel real affection

and atachment to anything besides yourself

Your legs are tired and you can't walk any longer

but here you go trying to look ready and stronger


Can you put it in the right words?

Just to make it as clear as water

But when you feel that cold touch

you feel that pain, you feel that cancer

skin to skin and from place to place

We're all following the same plot again


Maybe I'm just not ready yet

to face what the ancient ones had to face

The ruler becomes the slave tonight

The God becomes the faitful follower gifting smiles

All the Babylons become one

and the silence is turning into a new battlecry


NOTE: If you can find the meaning of this poem, send it to me, because to be honest, not even I knows what the f*ck this poem means