It was quite a surprise for him to come home and find her there, in his bedroom. Even more was the fact she was only wearing lingerie and one of his shirts, open and showing off her pleasant curves. She looked up at him as he walked in, and the bewildered look on his face seemed to only make her more embarrassed, her cheeks becoming rosy. She stood up and walked over to him, the sound of the thin shining heels hitting the floor muffled by the thick carpet. "What's this all about...?" He asked her, reaching out to touch the collar of the shirt. She, who had until now been looking down, as if in a daze, suddenly looked up, and eyes wide, blurted out, "I want you."

Moments later, she lay in his bed, trying to remember what she was there to do. Why she was doing it. It was hard to focus, what with the man you loved, worshiping your body in such a way. A soft moan escaped her lips and she heard him chuckle from somewhere around her chest. How could someone who had always been so kind to her, do such awful things? The image of his smile flitted through her mind, almost instantly followed by the memory of the video taken in secret. The gruesome deaths, the cruel acts, the unrepentant smile he wore the whole time...

Her eyes burned, the beginning of tears. One of his hands moved up to tangle itself within her hair, while one of her own moved under the pillow. Metal shined in the light as she pulled out a dagger. 'Now or never,' she thought. Now or never!

His cry seemed to knock her from her thoughts, and in a way she was amazed that she had done it at all. She was sure she would have backed out at the last second, but her hand had moved indeed, and now it was too late to take it back. So she kept stabbing, even when he tried to pull away. Even when his terrified, confused gaze met hers. Even when his lips moved to ask why, though there was no sound. Not until his eyes had closed and he lay still.

For a moment, she just lay there, breathing, looking at the blood. On her clothes, on her skin, on her lips. It must have flown everywhere. She dared not look at him-no, his body, he was gone. For a moment, she wondered if she had done the right thing. Then she broke out into tears. No more thinking, just tears.