Like usual, you were here
but what was not here was your heart.
Looking with those wandering eyes,
who are you looking at?

Your feet, facing the other direction as I speak
implying you are not listening,
because you no longer feel the same, do you?
There, you're looking again.

Tell me, what makes that person,
so much more perfect and better
than the one who is always trying,
to get your attention with utmost effort?

The way you look at her, talk to her,
I wonder have you ever taken my feelings
into consideration.
But I can't change it.

Standing there was me, with her,
you chose to talk to her instead of the one
who is trying to talk to you.
Why must you?

Laughing happily with her.
Happy? How can you be happy with her?
Was I not the one who helped you
and made you happy when you're down?

Do you not remember what I've done,
for you, the only person I truly loved?
Or are you just trying to pretend
that you've long forgotten?

Your eyes, your eyes,
they're trying to avoid me!
Your love, your heart,
it's going the wrong, wrong path.

Were you too blind to see,
or was she just that beautiful that
everything I've done for you is just
all in vain?

But at the end of the day,
no matter what I say,
everything will not change,
because you've already made up your mind.

You have chosen her.