A/N: Welcome to Blackjack With the Gods by: Me, Black Wing Dragonshard. Originally this was supposed to be a One-Shot, however I had so much fun writing this that I turned it into a mini-series...to make it through the enitre thing without asking what I was thinking is a rarity. Also the Sisters of Fate: Skuld, Urd and Verdandi look like they did in the anime Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok.

Five Gods all sat around a table on top of Mount Everest playing Blackjack. Odin was dealer this time since he won last time with an Ace up his sleeve, Zeus was on the far left since he was winner two weeks ago, Loki was sitting next to Zeus trying to see what everyone's cards were, Thor was leaning back in his chair after never winning a game, and Apollo was on the far right begin the first ever winner.

"So how was everyone's day?" Odin asked dealing two cards to the other four Gods.

Zeus looked at his cards, which were an Ace and a nine, "Kind of boring…Storms, thunder…you know the usual." He said signaling a stand.

Loki's turn came and he set down his glass of water his cards were a King and Queen, "Well I caused chaos as usual…" He mused signaling a stand.

Thor looked at his cards, which were two sixes and signaled a split in which both two more sixes and two additional threes, "You have to be kidding me", accompanied his sixes He almost shouted hitting on both cards and getting a nine on both.

"Thor…you just got 21 on both stacks…." Odin said with a disbelieving tone in his voice turning to Apollo.

"I guess I have no choice…" Apollo muttered revealing his Blackjack.

"I think two beats one." Zeus said bringing Thor's 21's back into play.

"I SWEAR EVERYTIME WE PLAY SOMEONE CHEATS!" Apollo yelled knocking his glass of water to the ground.

"Apollo you just lost your luck after the first game." Loki laughed.

This caused all the Gods to laugh slightly save Apollo of course.

"Well find someone else to play Blackjack with you guys because I'm done!" Apollo screeched storming away from the table.

Odin turned to Thor, "You are one luck s.o.b…you know that right…"

Thor shrugged then looked at his cards, "I guess fate was on my side…"

Just then Urd appeared out of seemingly nowhere, "Yay my spell worked Thor won." She announced with a huge smile on her face hugging Thor.

Everyone sighed then looked at Urd slightly confused.

"Thor you cheated." Zeus accused.

Thor glared at Zeus, "It's not cheating if you didn't know it was going to happen!"

"It's accidental cheating." Odin pointed out.

Loki smiled, "Finally more chaos."

Zeus and Thor were yelling at each other as a storm began to brew outside.

Odin looked at Urd, "Why Thor exactly?"

"Because I owe him a favor and I knew you guys played Blackjack once every week so I decided to help him win."

Thor stopped fighting with Zeus, looked at Urd, and winked, "Thanks beautiful."

This made everyone stop and look at Thor, who was smiling, and Urd, whom was blushing.

"Do I even want to know...?" Zeus finally said breaking the silence.

Loki got up walked to a trashcan and threw up.

Odin looked about ready to follow Loki's example and throw up, "I don't think you do Zeus..."