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~The Base of Mount Olympus~

Ace whistled looking at the mountain in front of him. Big couldn't even begin to describe the massive rock in front of him. Olympus seemed to rip through the ground of the Earth and scrape the sky as it tore open a gate to the heavens.

"So…how do we plan on getting up there?" Zeus asked looking up at his former home.

Vahagn smiled brightly, "Shall I summon my legion of dragons to take us?"

Skuld, whom had never rode a dragon before, gasped with excitement and nodded.

"I suppose that would work, however, do you have enough dragons for all of that?" Thor asked slightly skeptical.

Vahagn's smile turned into a cold glare, "I have lived thousands of years and slain thousands, if not millions, of dragons. To question my collection is to question my authorities."

Thor withdrew the question with a grunt and turned to Ace, "Well Commander, what shall we do."

Ace contemplated the situation for a moment then nodded, "Very well Vahagn, summon your dragons."

Vahagn bowed to the demi-god and closed his eyes. "Cerento Vi Ramalos Fer Canto!"

With the Words of Power chanted Vahagn summoned a legion of dragons, one for each of the Gods.

Ace looked around for a bit and found a dark blue dragon with shining gold eyes and climbed on its back. "Forward my allies to claim glory!"

~Peak of Olympus~

As Ace and the others arrived at the top of the mountain Njord's forces had already been deployed and had spread around the peak.

"Welcome Ace." Njord proclaimed from the Throne of Gods.

Ace turned his attention to the throne with malice in his eyes as he dismounted the dragon and walking towards Njord.

"Njord, your time has come." Ace shouted as his forces began to engage Njord's forces in melee and magic combat.

"No, I'm afraid it hasn't Ace." Njord replied sharply signaling for a figure cloaked in dark red to advance.

The cloak figure did as instructed and threw two cards at Ace as he advanced, "It's time to finish this brother." Chace said removing the hood.

Without missing a step Ace revealed the blackjack in his hand and continued to walk forward brushing past his brother.

Njord gave Ace a twisted smile. In the few seconds it took Ace to utterly and mercilessly destroy his own twin, Apollo, Loki and Odin had emerged with dozens of troops to further expand Ace's army.

"Confident aren't we?" Njord asked his voice cracking under pressure.

A/N: Due to the lack of interesting content I will just post the first four hands.

1st hand: N= 20 A=20

2nd hand: N=18 A=18

3rd hand: N=17 A=17

4th hand: N=Blackjack A=Blackjack

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Njord gritted his teeth. It's been a long time since I've been backed into a corner like this. He thought peeking at his cards.

Ace watched as Njord flipped over a King of Hearts to accompanying his Jack of Spades. "Not bad." Ace stated weakly revealing his Blackjack of the Ace of Spades and Queen of Hearts.

"Well played." Njord said as a sword of light materialized and impaled him to the throne.


Turning Ace saw that the battle had ended behind him with many bodies lying about.

Skuld leapt into Ace's arms and kissed him deeply and passionately.

"It's over my dear," he said holding her close.

She nodded practically bear hugging her lover, "Now everything will be back to normal.

Vahagn walked up the stairs and placed a hand on his son's shoulder, "You did well Ace, this is truly your first victory as a God."

Ace took his eyes off of Skuld and looked at the battleground and at the various pantheons that had supported him during this whole conflict. In the front row stood Zeus, Thor, Odin, Loki, Apollo, Verdandi and Urd, the ones that had been with him since day one of this entire journey.

Smiling at them all Ace felt his mind go completely blank. The toll of the duel with Njord stacked with his fatigue from the battles with Hades and Modi causing him to black out.

~The Casino~

Ace stood in the center of his Blackjack table shuffling his cards as three men approached his table.

"Ah gentlemen welcome, take a seat we're about to get started." He said feeling a strong sense of déjà vu.

The three well-dressed men sat down in the three open seats and placed their bets, winning multiple times.

"It seems as though the luck of the Gods is with you." Ace said to the disguised Odin.

Then suddenly, the lights went out.