So what? I'm different, and I don't care. I ignore all the people laughing at me, and just keep my head down. School is like a living hell for me. I don't have any friends, because nobody wants to be friends with me just because of my personality. I don't fit in, and I never will. So there's no point in trying.

*Ring, Ring*

Finally, it's lunch break. I head up to our school's music department, and get out my electric guitar. It's the only thing I enjoy, besides listening to music. I start to play a metal song, while singing the vocals. Well, by singing, I mean screaming.

"Two in my heart, have left me a while, I stand alone.." I screamed along to the backing I was playing. My fingers seem to have a mind of their own, automatically playing every note I want them to. Then, a girl suddenly came in, and sung the next line.

"When they get back, they won't be the same..." She sung. She had such a pretty, delicate voice, but sounded amazing considering the type of music she was singing. My eyes met her's, and they lit up straight away. I'd found a friend.

"What's your name?" She asked me. At this point, I knew I'd found a friend.

"Hey there. I'm Terrance. And you are?" I couldn't avoid smiling. I've waited thirteen long years for this moment.

"Whitney Brown" She told me, before taking her bag off her back, and reaching into it. She grabbed out a pair of drumsticks, and they looked like a top brand pair. Her bag was a red backpack, with a black skull on it.

She went over to the drum kit, and hinted on to me to start playing a different song. So I did. I told her which song, and she seemed to agree with it.

"Nice choice, Terry" She playfully responded. The nickname irked me a bit, but I got the feeling that it was a permanant nickname now.

My choice was Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold. It was an intense song. I really got into it. A bit too much, though. The teacher walked in, and we abruptly stopped.

We braced ourselves, but the teacher never shouted at us.

"Better get to class, you two" She merely said.


Did you figure out which song was played at the begining? Revealed in next chapter

As far as I know, you're allowed to make references to real bands. I think.

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