I sat perilously at the edge of a cliff. Downward, an immense space of the Forest of Simple Wood. I couldn't move. Just stare at my clear base. Emptiness was all I felt within me. Only the fear of being so close to the cliff. Nothing was happening. The Forest of Simple Wood didn't creak as it usually did. Everything was silent. And empty.

Then the monster passed by, and with it came two smaller monsters. They stood on the Forest of Simple Wood and towered over the cliff. Tall and frightening. But alas, I was still empty. They clomped to the Giant White Cave and they were each yelling, making horrible sounds that hurt my core. They opened the door to the cave and light flooded it revealing many colorful things. One of the smaller monsters reached into the cave and brought out a bunch of round purple things. It took one of them and plopped it into its mouth. The sound of it crushing reached me and if I could have screamed I would have. Would that be my own fate?

The largest monster brought out a giant rectangle of softish orange stuff, decorated with white and green circles and ovals. The monster set it beside me on the cliff. It took its paw and began to twist the orange head of the rectangle. While the two little monsters were jumping around the Forest of Simple Wood. The head came off with the sound of a screech. A citrus scent filled the air and I shuddered at the thoughts swirling around in my core. The monster set the head on the cliff, its smooth claws gleaming. It twirled its head and growled something at the two smaller monsters.

One of the smaller monsters reached up and opened the door to one of the caves. The Caves of Slight Return. I had been in there once. It was complete darkness in there. Nothing but darkness. The only thing giving you the will to live was the promise of light. And the slight chance of escape. Now I was here. At the edge of the cliff. Emptiness my only emotion. The smaller monster pulled out something that looked identical to me and set it down on the cliff beside me, screaming the entire time.

It came to me that what it set down was exactly like me. Probably empty in everything as well. It was clear and glossy, just like me. Then the big monster picked up the body of the orange rectangle and tilted it so the neck rested on the rim of the clear thing beside me. The monster tilted it more and the rectangle's orange blood flowed into it, coloring the emptiness in orange light. One of the smaller monsters rushed up and wrapped its paws around it. It mumbled something and clambered back to the lair with the identical thing. I trembled as the smaller monster opened a different cave and pulled out a shiny, white disc and set it down beside me with a clunk. I stayed perfectly still and watched as the monster opened The Giant White Cave and brought out more of the purple round things.

It brought them to the Black Waterfall and twisted one of the stones, causing a torrent of black water to pour from the waterfall. The monster shoved the round purple things under the water and took them back out. It brought them over and set them on the disc. The monster picked the disc up and took the same path as the other. Then suddenly, the largest monster coiled its paw around me. It tugged me back across the cliff, away from my chance of plummet. My base stopped and the paw uncoiled. In front of me was still a cliff where I could still fall. But fear did not race through me. Only emptiness.

The monster quickly brought the neck of the rectangle to my rim and poured the orange blood into me. It was cold and terrible, the liquid cascading into me with horror and dread. But everything stopped moving finally. The dread went away and my emptiness was no more. Everything had a slight orange haze to it. But I felt emotion. Fear, happiness, anger, horror, dread, sadness, joy, mystery, hope all leaked into me. Every emotion except emptiness. There was no more emptiness.

Then the monster pulled the body away and screwed the head back onto the body of the rectangle. It picked the rectangle up and set it up into The Giant White cave. Another monster called from the Hollow of Fur and the monster clomped away. Here I was. Filled to the brim. I was so filled that I did not pay attention to the sound of the monster. The lead monster. It came in and tried to pick me up but instead knocked its paw against my side. The force was so great that I skidded forward until I was swept over the side of the cliff and fell. Down to the Forest of Simple Wood. I crashed into it and shattered.......

This story is from the perspective of a glass cup at the top of a table.