Always mad

Always blue

My life I hate it

Hate it straight and true

Drown myself in hate

completely drenched in hate

my life I insinuate

is something that I hate

Stupid people

Pointless people

All of your lives

are things I hate

I'm nothappy

but niether am I mad

I don't hate now

or even a little sad

I'm confused

Very confused

Doing something

Running on my simple muse

Now I see it

I can see it


where I need it

Not a need for this

All of the anger

All of the pain

is strangely amiss

I"m sick

I'm sicker

I don't feel it

the evaporating anger

I look ahead

and I say go

I don't look back

I'm ready to go

I look toward the sun

I look forward

and there I think

"Let's be happy."