Lost Re-Edit

I don't know what to think

I was lost in Darkness

While being lost in Light

I was Lied to

So I was Betrayed

But yet I Loved

I was nothing in life

Death and Murder were all around me

The smell of flowers couldn't block it out

The wretched smell of death

The plague

And now I sing to myself:

Ring around the rosie

A pocket full of posies

Ashes, ashes

We all fall down

I don't know how to feel

Ever since I was lost

I think I'm mad now

Why can we never go back to bed?

Whose is the voice ringing in my head?

Where is the sense in these desperate dreams?

Why should I wake when I'm half past dead?

Authors Notes:

Well here it is, the edited version of lost. And this will be listed as a horror poem because of the reference of ring around the rosie and the Black Death/Plague.

Also, the very last lines are from Emilie Autumn's song 4'o Clock.