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The cool, plastic countertop did little to cool Sophie's flushed body as she cried out in ecstasy. Her red flushed bosom pushed onto the cold surface along with the side of her face, her arms haphazardly strewn across it in disregard. Her left leg was kicked up, the sole of her foot pressed against the surface of the countertop, opening her pussy lips wide for the heavy intruder fucking her body into submission with every thrust. It put the appendage in her direct line of sight to observe the happenings. Said happenings had to do with the canned peaches coloured nail polish brush Seven wielded in his left hand, the very brush that expertly slashed across her toenails; not even a single drop of paint marred her skin.

It was times like these that reminded Sophie that Seven was a robot.

If it had been any other ordinary man, she would have guessed half of her foot to be covered in nail polish and the bottle to have been knocked over and leaking its content all over the countertop. Seven's spare fingers gave her clit a pinch, knocking her straying thoughts back to the activity at hand. Seven could most assuredly multi-task her brains out. With an inward, snapping thrust of his hips, he gave a perfectly timed stroke across her nail, as had been the rhythm for the last three hours. She didn't know how many coats of paint she had got, nor did she honestly care.

With an upward surge of his cock and another swipe, Sophie gave a soft whine in the back of her throat, the agonising way Seven slowly retracted her cock was killing her, the only simple reprieve he gave her was the way her circled her clit, plucking it like a guitar string. His thumb and middle finger pulled back the hood of her clit as they stationed both sides of it, his index finger rolling the once hidden pearl, taunting and teasing the nerves. She could do nothing in her prone position except gyrate her hips as he thrust forwards quickly again, saliva dribbling from the corner of her lips to pool on the table below her.

She gave another whine as her pussy convulsed for what felt like the millionth time today, so worn out and used she couldn't tell when another orgasm was coming. They were simply insatiable, roving over her body at their own will, taking her mind whenever they pleased with no warning. Another gush of fluid eased from her used pussy, pulling a grunt from Seven as it lubricated his heavy cock even more. A moan was torn from Sophie's throat as Seven logically concluded now would be the best time to add his own flavour to the mix and with a rough, deep surge he seated his stretching cock firmly within Sophie. The head of his cock knocked against the entrance to her womb, causing her to grit her teeth just before she felt a warm liquid shoot into her snatch, coating her walls with its synthetic juices.

She could only wither helplessly as her robotic lover pumped her so full of his cream that it gushed out around his cock to splatter against the floor, painting her thighs and dribbling down her leg. She adored how much he could cum, loved it when he shot his load so deeply inside that it would never come out. Her pussy clenched down again, trying to milk Seven's cock for all it was worth as she gave a hearty pant, her body covered in a thin film of sweat. As Seven finished pumping the entirety of his balls into her tight, aching and hungry little snatch, he leant down, his long, thick tongue swiping across her shoulder blade. Touching the sensitive skin with his slick appendage, Sophie could only shiver as he teased her overwrought flesh."Seven." She whined, trying to bat at the teasing bot, only giggling as he moved his head out of the range of her hand, yet not letting up on the tasting of her skin. Seven had learnt quickly that sometimes when she told him to stop, or alluded to that, that she, in fact, did not want him to stop. For a robot to pick up on that so quickly and to be able to recognise it so easily astounded Sophie, men had been having that exact problem for millions of years.

'Male robots are far more insightful than their counterparts.' She thought, her face erupting in a grin as she giggled again, Seven's hair floating down to tickle her cooling body, 'Though it's probably just his programming or his AI. Robots pay more attention than men, they have no other distractions.' She concluded that it was nothing special as she shivered, her body breaking out in goose bumps. Seven paused with his tongue on her skin, the finely attuned sensors in the appendage picking up on her dropping body temperature.

Deciding now would be the ideal time to clean up; his right arm snaked under Sophie's belly, easily pulling her from the countertop. Her back hit his chest with a squelch, gravity pulling her heavy body downwards to impale on his still hard cock, forcing more of his cock into her cunt and in return, pushing more of his cum out as it splattered against the floor and began running down both of her legs. "Ah, shit, Seven." She cursed in delight as her nails bit into the steel band of an arm, her eyes screwing closed in delight as she grit her teeth, toes curling in ecstasy.

"My apologise." His voice purred from behind her as he began to walk, every step knocking his erect cock against another part of her still sensitive pussy. His body moved behind her as he strode towards the bathroom causing her own to shift and bounce, squeezing more cum out of her tight little snatch, leaving a trail in their wake. Sophie was unable to do anything, pulled off the floor and trapped to Seven's chest she could do nothing, a prisoner to Seven's height and strength. As they approached the bathroom, the door easily slid open to reveal a standard bathroom, a toilet, a sink and a shower big enough to fit two people easily, so it was more than a little cosy with Seven in there. The hulky CB could take up room enough for two people easily enough.

Not that Sophie minded, less room meant more skin on skin time with her blue-haired barbarian and he certainly didn't mind getting the spots she couldn't reach. With his spare hand Seven easily swung open the shower door, reaching in he pushed the button to turn the shower on, already set to her favourite temperature. It was with a spasm that Sophie found herself pulled off of Seven's cock and set on the floor, Seven hands swallowing her chubby waist as he steadied her; her legs weren't quite used to supporting her weight just yet. With a couple of second of recuperation Sophie waddled into the shower, cum overflowing from her stretched snatch, her arse red from the constant slapping of Seven's crotch into her supple cheeks. As she entered under the lukewarm spray, she gave her body a quick rub over with her hands, her palms rubbing over her supple chest as she gave a sigh of delight.

After about thirty seconds, enough time for her to wet her body and rinse off some of the evidence of their romp, Seven entered the shower, his towering body blocking the spray completely as it bounced off his back. Sophie simply turned to him, her hands immediately affixing themselves to his chest as she cleaned off his artificial sweat. 'Helps them appear more human,' she hummed to herself, 'if it gets hot, they sweat, if they do physical activity, they sweat. Makes them look more human, hence more believable.' Sophie certainly had to agree with that, if it wasn't for the fact that most robots were outrageously gorgeous or had increasing odd features she'd have never been able to tell them apart from humans.

Not that she always could, she'd thought the cute couple several apartments down her hallway were completely human, turns out the girl was a Fem-CB. She never would have known if she hadn't seen the Fem-CB throw her owner over her shoulder in one go. Dropping to her knees her hands quickly slid up his muscular calves, giving them a soft, innocent massage as she went, a light and pretty hum bouncing from her lips. Her firmly pressed fingers quickly moved up to his massive thighs, they had to be as thick as tree branches. Pressing the pads of her fingers into the 'muscles' she gave them a deep massage, her eyes wandering to the heavy cock blatantly pointing at her face, though. She blinked, wondering why he hadn't deflated yet, as was norm, but she simply gave it a shrug, use to all of the little glitches Seven showed every now and again.

'May as well take advantage of it, though.' She thought with a wicked chuckle as she cast a grin up at Seven as he watched her, her right hand coming to wrap around the base of his cock. Keeping her eyes locked with Seven's dark sapphire orbs, her tongue gave the head a gentle lap, the flavour of her own juices bursting over her tongue with its musky tang while the familiar, sweet flavour of Seven puckered her saliva glands, forcing more spit into her mouth, 'Strawberries.' She cooed in delight. She had always heard semen tasted rather horrid, so when picking out a flavour for Seven's cum, she'd picked strawberries instead of O Natural. It was one of his robotic 'features' that she adored.

Seven simply gave a grunt, his hand coming to burrow in her thick hair as she gave the top of his cum soaked cock another lick, her broad tongue sweeping over the head. She placed open mouth kisses down the side of his cock, her tongue laving over the heated, soft, silken shaft until she reached about halfway. Using the hand holding his cock firmly, she slapped his heavy cock against the side of her face, her nipples tightening at the erotic feeling as cum and water splashed off her cheek at the impact. Pulling his cock away from her face again, a long, line of cum strung from her chubby cherub cheek to the tip of his cock. Seven gave a snort of amusement as he looked down, causing Sophie to giggle in return, she knew there was no reason for her to do this, to try and please Seven, but she wanted to, she needed to; besides, she found it heavenly. She smacked his thick cock against the side of her face again, giving a soft coo at the firm, masculine feeling of his cock slapping into her cheek. Giving a hum she closed her eyes, rubbing the side of her face against his still hard shaft.

Smearing the tip of his cock through the patch of cum glued to her cheek, she pressed her small yet pouty lips to the top of his shaft in a soft kiss before investigating his 'urethra' with the tip of her tongue. Pressing even further forwards her lips slowly began to stretch around the head of his cock, blossoming open to accept the circumcised beast into her supple young mouth. The head just by itself forced her to open her jaw as wide as possible, least her teeth scratch over her robots cock; the owner's manual may have assured her they feel no pain, but they would react the same as if they did. The companies left no stone unturned in their pursuit for total human realism.

As his cock sat heavy on her tongue, she braced her hands on his thighs, chancing a look up at the bot as his hand tightened in her hair. She gave a doe eyed blink of her mid blue hued orbs, as she slowly felt Seven push her head forwards, her mouth languidly easing open as he slid his thick cock into her. As his shaft rasped over the taste buds of her tongue, his head nearing the back of her throat, her grip tightened minutely causing Seven to freeze. As Seven reached down to Sophie, three-quarters of his cock stuffed into her mouth, he easily swept up her soaked hair into a make-shift ponytail with his spare hand. His other hand quickly wrapped the new locks around itself. Sophie gave a pleased sound at the back of her throat, now that she had all of that pesky hair out of her face, causing the corners of Seven's lips to perk at the approval.

Slowly he began to ease her off his shaft again, her lips stretching over the artificial skin of his cock. When all that resided in her gaping mouth was the head of his cock, he slowly eased her head back in again, slowly picking up a rhythm as Seven guided her. To anyone else that owned a CB or not, this would have seemed like a very bazaar situation. After all, the CB, the submissive position in the relationship, was in the dominant position, controlling its master. But Sophie was different from most owners, hell, she was different from most humans. She liked it when Seven shared with her his sexual knowledge, she was a virgin, after all, she may have known the workings of a blow job but she certainly did not know how to expertly give one.

Seven, however, did.

So, he taught her, becoming her lover and her teacher. Just like how he was teaching her how to take a proper face fucking right now. Giving a grunt as he slid Sophie down to the three-quarter mark they had soundlessly agreed on, he gave a flex of his hip, sliding his cock out from her gaping maw. The positioned had changed now, Seven moved and Sophie controlled. He would slide in roughly, completely ignoring the set boundaries forcing Sophie to move her hands up to his hips to regulate his thrusts, just like she would have had to do if she was with a human partner. She gave a stiff gag as Seven slipped in a bit far, causing her eyes to water and the heel of her palm to thump against his bony hip. He immediately slipped further out; taking note that Sophie obviously wasn't ready to experiment with deep-throating. He once again resumed his thrusting, his grip tightening in her hair as his pumping hips became faster and far more forceful.

The taste of Seven rolled around Sophie's mouth, from the sweet strawberry flavouring of his artificial semen to the salty tang of his sweat, even the synthetic skin covering his cock tasted different from anywhere else on his body. It was not a flavour she would wish to eat, but a flavour that brought to mind all that was Seven, it evoked emotions from her. Her chubby belly stirred with arousal as her lust smouldered to life in the ashes of her previous desire, her pussy quivering with want as from its depths leaked the evidence of their early tryst. She eagerly slipped her right hand down to her flushed pussy lips, stroking over them briefly before parting the thick set with her pinkie and pointer finger. Her middle and ring finger vibrantly circled her swollen pearl, bringing bouts of pleasure and slight pain to Sophie.

She was far to tender to rough herself up like she usually would, forcing her to take it slowly and softly; though she found it hard to concentrate with Seven's cock in her mouth. Giving the sliding phallus another rove with her tongue, she was "rewarded" with an extra deep thrust, once more causing her to gag and give a slight cough. Eyebrows furrowing as Seven blatantly ignored sexual civility of not making your partner gag, Sophie decided it was time to instil a new method of keeping his cock on a tighter leash. Bringing her fingers out of her snatch left her with a feeling of slight disappointment as she went unfulfilled, though she phased through that to quickly wrap her fingers around the base of his cock. She gave him a firm stroke upwards as he receded from her mouth, gaining a deep, rumbling groan from the bot under her fingers. 'So that's why he was thrusting so deeply.' Eyes sparking with achievement, she couldn't help but give a sound of happiness in the back of her throat, once again vibrating her mouth around Seven's cock.

With every back stroke of Seven's cock, her hand would stroke downwards, following the fucking motion with a tight ring of fingers and with every up stroke, she would follow the same pattern, this time stopping at where she wanted Seven to stop; so when her fingers bumped into her lips, Seven would recede. And such was how Seven taught Sophie, most of the time she was left to find the answers by herself, Seven telling her nothing. That wasn't simply because Seven was a jerk, no, it's because Sophie didn't ask. That was the relationship between robot and human; even if it was highly aggravating at times for Sophie. They only spoke when spoken to, or something like that.

"Where?" The question rumbled from her robot lovers grit teeth, his hand tightening in his lock as he asked her where he wanted for to spill his seed. Sophie simply ignored it as the suction around his cock tightened. "Sophie, where?" He stressed, his voice box taking on an almost strained tone as his eyebrows bunched. Sophie simply hummed around his cock in fake contemplation, causing him the grunt and bend over slightly, his back curving as he tugged her further down his cock. It never ceased to amaze Sophie the realism they had programmed into robots.

It came then, well, Seven came then, a deep inwards thrust placed his cock firmly in her mouth as he erupted. Seven's head threw back as his neck strained, the muscles in his jaw bunching as he grit his teeth, eyes screwed shut as his cock pulsed in simulated orgasm. His delightfully flavoured cream filling her mouth as Sophie simply blinked in surprise, jolting softly, though she was kept in place by the hand wrapped in her locks. As the cum kept flowing and Seven kept groaning, Sophie's cheeks bulged with the vast amount of semen being emptied into her mouth. Almost panicking for a second, Sophie finally remembered she had the ability to swallow. Pulling off of Seven's still spurting shaft, she kept her lips tightly sealed, though some blobs of white managed to ooze out and roll down her chin to splatter atop her red flushed, heaving bosom.

A few more strands of cum painted themselves across Sophie's face, neck and chest like some kind of abstract painting as she simply sat there, lips puckered and cheeks inflated. She giggled as Seven finally came to a stop, his broad and muscular chest heaving with breaths he didn't need. As his head turned down to her, navy eyes opening to view her once more, Sophie looked up at him, splattered in his semen. She tried to give him a smile, though it was nearly impossible with her cheeks bulging to the extent that hers where. She gave a deep, audible gulp as she swallowed some of cum captured in her chubby chops. It was soon followed by two more as she finally emptied the contents into her stomach.

Opening her mouth wide, she readily flashed her tongue at Seven, eager for him to see that she had swallowed every last spurt of his fake essence. She closed her mouth with a giggle as she received and affection pat on the head, his hand smoothing over her damp locks as they finally unwound from his tight fist. Slowly trying to get to her feet, a task of great hardship in such a confined space, she was happy when Seven simply reached down and grasped her under her armpits to lift her to her feet like a child. Swinging her around, she was quickly slipped under the warm stream of water.

Hands coming up to her bountiful bosom, she gave the slightly mounds a gentle massage as her fingers slipped over her nipples, washing away the semen covering them. She gave a sound of delight as Seven's hand glided over her shoulders from behind to slip over her collarbone. Leaning back, her back came to rest against his supple, yet firm chest as she let Seven take over the duties of cleaning her. She gave a happy sigh as her eyes lidded in contentment, Seven's hands roving over her skin to gentle cup her breasts, giving them a soft massage before he continued down to her soft belly. His soft fingers pressed into the supple flesh as he rid it of his own ejaculation.

Her healthy thighs eagerly rubbed together, hoping to relieve some of her pent up desire. Seven easily picked up the movement and quickly dropped his hand down to her thick pussy lips, pressing the thumb of his pad against her little nub firmly. "Ow, Seven!" Sophie whined as she gave a jolt, pressing her arse into his now deflated cock as she tried to escape his hand. "You are injured." He questioned as he immediately dropped to his knee in front of her, his hands grasping her hips and turning her quickly, her pussy level with his eyes. "I'm fine." She whined, dragging out the I in exaggeration as Seven placed both thumbs on each pussy lip, pulling them apart as he looked over her raw and swollen cunt.

"You are not bleeding." Seven commented as he slipped a finger into her well worn passage, pulling it out again, this time covered in cum as he observed it for any signs that she may have been injured. "See? Fine, just a little sore is all." Sophie harrumphed, lifting her left leg up to expose more of herself to her CB, knowing he would not leave her alone until he was happy. "I shall clean you, then." Was the only warning he gave before he dug his thick index and middle finger into her snatch, causing her to twitch slightly. The task of sleeping two digits into her snatch would have taking a bit of effort on both of their parts, Seven's fingers were not that of a pianists, but thankfully the thorough fucking he had given her had stretched her once tight channel making his task a lot easier.

He scooped out his own jism efficiently and quickly, nothing distracting him from his set task. Sophie simply gave a sigh, used to the machine like qualities Seven held 'It would be nice if he took his time, genteelly graze my pussy lips, maybe even kiss them. But for Seven this isn't a sensual experience, it a cleaning one.' She looked to the ceiling, the corners of her mouth drooping. Dropping her foot back down, her pussy closed down around Seven's fingers, causing Sophie to regret her actions as his fingers prodded against her G-Spot. Her arousal still high from her previous activity of sucking Seven off, Sophie couldn't help but whimper in want and sadness. She knew she was far too sore for Seven to even contemplate eating her out.

It may have been his main directive to please Sophie, but the basic command of "Do not hurt humans" overrode all else.

Seven seemed to freeze as her pussy clenched around his invading fingers loosely, Sophie could only look down worried. "Seven? Seven?!" She called as she shook his shoulder, but he did not even budge. She could probably have ran at him at full bull and not even force him to take a step back. Without even a word to her he rose, turning her around again to face the stream of water as he took her right arm and looped it around the back of his neck. Sophie could only look on in worry, her eyebrows furrowed. "Hold me." Was the warning only Seven gave as his hands slipped down over Sophie's arse to grasp the back of her thighs.

Sophie could only squeal in fright as Seven heaved her up, her calves kicking around as her right hand burrowed into Seven's long locks, grasping them roughly for support. Seven gave a robotic wince, but Sophie could not have cared at that moment. Legs open wide and raw pussy exposed, she could only gasp as the strong stream of water from the shower head pummelled her sensitive clit, causing her to shiver and shake in ecstasy. She keened as she tossed her head back, her eyes closing in delight as she grasped Seven hair harder. He turned his head to press soft delicate kisses to the side of her heaving, wet bosom. Sophie's toes curled in delight at the gentle sensation of his lips pressed to her silken flesh.

The water felt electric against her pussy, soft enough not to hurt her but firm enough to stimulate her raw cunt. The stream of water rocked over and over her clit, it was unrelenting in its forward drive. She tilted her head up, her view stretching all the way down her naked wet body to see the shower head only a few inches from her pussy. She pressed her cheek to the side of Seven's temple, her face screwed and contorted as the muscles in her thighs bunched as her nerves twitched. Sevens hands tightened around the back of her thighs, spreading the limbs further apart as Sophie keened in pleasure, her breasts rising and falling as water splashed off of her body.

The thrashing water was far too much for her sensitive clit to handle and she came with a cry, her head tossed back as her easily suspended body shook, though Seven refused to move her pussy out of the direct line of the shower head. She bucked and wheezed as her already tired body was forced to seize in pleasure, her hand yanking violently at the blue locks, unable to express her desire to put down any other way. Seven failed to realize the action for what it one, simply thinking it to be a lustful action of a woman in orgasm.

"Seven! Down!" She managed to strangle out and her feet were immediately reunited with the floor, as were her knees and most of the rest of her body as she simply slumped to the ground, her muscles rather unresponsive to her demands. She simply lay there panting at the feet of her blue haired Dionysus, her body still trapped within the fit of an orgasm. Her body curled around the drain pipe, her wet hair clinging to her contorted face, she had had too much for today. She whimpered like a hurt puppy as Seven kneeled down to her, his hand hovering over her head, almost hesitant to touch her as his navy optics scanned her over, wondering if she had been injured.

She simply closed her eyes, far too exhausted to respond and Seven easily accepted that as an okay to touch her, his hand running over her wet hair, sliding a few soaked strands from her face. "You will sleep now." He intoned softly, one arm sliding under her knees the other under his arm as he picked her up, her body limp like a ragdoll as her head lolled against his pec. He raised his knee easily to press it against the shower button, turning it off in an instant, stepping out of the shower Sophie could only whimper at the cool air that brushed over her wet and naked body causing Seven to press her closer to his artificially heated one.

Seven strolled out of the bathroom the same as how he had entered, carrying his master without little care for anything else. His nicely rounded backside swaying as he strode down the hallway, water running from his dark navy locks down over his hairless massive body, Sophie looked like a doll in comparison. The door to her bedroom slid open with a motorized 'whish' as Seven approached it. Walking through the doorway he moved straight to her bed, a massive oblong window perched above it, a straight view to the utopia that Sophie had cut herself off from.

"Close." Was the simple command that had the oblong window black out, casting the room moderate darkness as Seven sat on the edge of the bed. Sophie's plump arse fell into his lap as he removed his arm from supporting it, instead reaching over to yank back the downy duvet that covered her bed. Leaning back Seven slipped himself and his master under the thick and fluffy cover, disregarding the fact that they were both soaked. Sophie eagerly cuddled up to the robot, her body happy to sap his warmth and affection as she pressed ever closer, Seven welcoming her into his arms easily.

"I love you, Sophie." His voice intoned as she began to doze off.

"...I told you not to say that. You can't mean it, you're a robot."

I've already got an idea for the third one, you'll love it if you're a gamer!