Intrepid Detectives On A Mission

Case of the Abducted Teacher

Synopsis: Taking place during the High School and College years of our heroes ending with their employement, success, marriages and family lives.

~*~ Characters ~*~

Brandon Logan Thomas Junior, whose father, Brandon Devon Sr. is a police officer

Tyrone Luke Thomas, his younger brother

Tabitha Thomas, the mother of the boys, loving and devoted wife to Brandon Devon Sr.

Tiara Thomas, token librarian for the team, makes sure all 'minutes' are up to date and that the Detectives keep up to task

'Angie' Angela Louisa Lopez, the street smart athlete

Lord Colin Postelwaithe, token 'rich' spoiled kid, tends to be impulsive, a British import

Lynn Cloudfeather, the 'brain' and spiritual one

Sue Ming, treasurer, secretary, violin player

Hanz Friedrich Ludwig, exchange student from Germany. Very rational, logical, and often quiet

Hanai Koto, whom having since redeemed himself from the 'Promise Ring' incident, is now an integral asset to the team. Poet, sage, and punk with a heart of pure gold.

Definitely one to count on in a pinch with secret knowledge of martial arts and the healing power of chakras.

Morgan Fox, a kind of 'mascot' for the team. Artsy-craftsy member.

Lola Barnette, Tyrone's girlfriend

Darius Koinania, Tiara's boyfriend

Chapter 1—Starting Anew

Already a new year had begun for Brandon and his friends. Although they were in different classes, they did share homeroom and lunch together, which was pleasant and reassuring, especially considering that Montessori was far different than Athena High.

The friends had grown older and wiser. Sue had even sugguested that their old name, Junior Detective Agency, should be changed due to this maturation. During their first meeting, she, Angie, and Morgan developed tons of names until one was decided on by vote.

"Very well, then it is settled. No longer are we the JDA, but the Intreped Detectives on a Mission.", Sue said, proudly.

"Please tell me we have an acronym to go with all those letters.", Colin interjected, with his saucy British wit.

"We do, you smart-aleck.", Angie said, nudging him in the arm playfully. Morgan, Hanai and Lynn revealed the new banner that Montessori's halls would be bearing soon, advertising their wares.

"IDOAM. Sounds almost Greek, but I like it. Good ring on the tongue, fabulous sounding.", Hanz added, adjusting his glasses. A recent new member, the young Tiara, had been taking minutes for the group and she realized she could only do this when her own classes back at Fawna Elementary weren't in session. Brandon had to laugh to himself that the IDOAM had become a family affair, but that wasn't uncommon among the Thomas family. They tended to stick together like glue.

Chapter 2—A Grizzly Love Letter Ransom Note

It was only the second month into the new year and everyone's most beloved English Literature and History substitute, Mrs. Harriet Hathaway, hadn't been seen on campus. It was extremely unlike her. And when Hanai had found a shocking note in her classroom, he suspected foul play. Immediately, many of the faculty, staff and students began to worry. Hanai reassured everyone that he and the Intreped Detectives would begin investigating the case immediately. He, as much as everyone else was concerned for Harriet's safety, and the tone of the grizzly 'love letter ransom note' terribly distressing. He only prayed that Harriet hadn't been hurt too badly by her 'Lover Boy'. One thing was certain. This 'Lover Boy' person was definitely demented.

Hanai had relayed the content of the ransom note to his friends. They met together after school in a van that Brandon lovingly dubbed 'Louis' after his favorite trumpet player. Louis was an old Dodge van, but he could get the company around from point A to point B. Plus, he managed gas efficiently, so he was the car of choice for 'interrogating potential suspects and witnesses'.

The ID gang began inspecting the neighborhood that Harriet resided in, discovering that they had all been aware of Harriet's crazed ex-boyfriend Lyle, whom Harriet had to put a restraining order against and even move into a different state due to his compromised mental state. Harriet had broken up with Lyle years earlier and had moved on, and when she had gotten married to the doctor of her dreams; Doctor Nathan Hathaway. When Lyle had read of this, he felt it was an affront, and in an insane move, decided he would do his best to 'convince' Harriet she had made a mistake and kidnapped her, throwing her into the basement until she came to her senses and realized that Lyle Rockwell was the right man for her.

"Does anyone know where Rockwell is now ?", Colin asked, becoming frustrated. Knowing the peril that Harriet might be in was certainly on the minds of all the members of the team, and they were concerned that perhaps Harriet's time was running out.

"We have one lead, but it is really stringy at best.", Tiara quipped, knowing the evidence for the particular lead was thin and inconclusive.

"It's a 50/50 chance it is right or wrong. All I can hope for is that it is right and we can call the police quickly.", Hanz said with certainty, though he was worried for Harriet's saftey. Without much deliberation, the group loaded themselves into Brandon's Dodge van and sped off to the location nearest Lyle's.

Chapter 3—Shaken, But Not Stirred

After scouring the area that the witnesses had given to them, the ID team found the most likely place where Rockwell could be hiding. Brandon knocked on the door.

"We've looked everywhere else. This has to be the place. Besides, every other house is abandoned or foreclosed due to the terrible house market.", Hanz stated, remembering information he had read earlier about real estate. A man, well built, slender, with wire rimmed glasses answered the door. He didn't look any older than 35 and though he wore casual clothes, looked like he could've modeled for the next cover of Gentlemen Quarterly. He matched the description of all of the witness accounts. They never would've suspected him of being the least bit unusual. He was even kind enough to offer the gang cookies, which Tyrone and Tiara wanted to consume instantly, but due to the silent warning of Lynn, they gladly objected.

The team began interrogating him, looking for any trace of Harriet in the house and Lynn could hear the muffled pleas from a fortified room. Apparently she had been gagged to keep quiet. With Hanz' help, she was able to narrow down a list of numerical codes that would open the vault that Harriet was being held captive in. It only took a few moments,but with Hanz' impeccable mathematical wizardry, the hydraulic door opened and Harriet was released without arousing suspicion or notice from Lyle Rockwell.

It was all the evidence they needed. Once they had gotten Harriet's story, Brandon Senior had been called to the scene before Lyle completely flipped out. He was going to grab the nearest blunt object and swing it at anything that moved, screaming,

"I'll be damned if you take my Harriet from me ! She's rightfully mine !"

Lyle was cuffed before he could do any damage to others or 'his' house, which he had claimed on squatter's rights (in other words, he didn't actually own it, it was simply being used out of convience).

Harriet had been thankful to Brandon and his friends for getting her out of that terrible situation. She had been shaken and admitted to them that it may take her some time to recouperate.

"You don't need to tell us. We're still recovering ourselves. Lyle could've seriously harmed all of us !", Morgan admitted, shivering a bit. Hanai comforted her, kissing her forehead to calm her.

Brandon Senior had been quick in answering the call to arrest Lyle, take him to the station and later, have him testify in a court of law. More than likely, Mr. Rockwell was going to be put away for a very, very long time.

Chapter 4—Harriet's Return

Though Harriet had to attend court and testify against her ex-boyfriend, her couselling had prepared her for every possible barb and insult that Lyle would shoot her way. Lyle's lawyer, though conniving and slick, hadn't been able to get him out of the hole Lyle had dug for himself. So, Lyle, inevitably, was imprisoned for life without possibility of parole. Harriet would never have to worry about him ever again, and it was a good thing too, because she had just discovered that she was 3 months pregnant. She hadn't begun showing any signs or having any odd cravings and fortunately she hadn't been malnourished even though Lyle had provided meager meals of bread and water for her while she was shut up away from society. At least now, she was healthier, her panic had dissolved and she was going to be a mommy. She couldn't have been happier, and neither could her proud husband and daddy to be, Nathan.


Though Harriet had to take time off for maternity leave and students were left with a sub, they missed Harry immensely, due to her personality and contagious enthusiasm that made everyone grin.

She soon returned after about a year's time with photographs of her darling baby girl, Emma, who was just as every bit pretty, feisty and full of life as her mommy. It was likely that Nate, the zealous father, was showing off photographs at the hospital and pointing out Emma's signature violet eyes, which she had inherited from him.

The IDOAM was quiet for a while. Every so often, there would come problems with puzzles, riddles and those blasted trigonometry problems that got students tangled up in knots. The entire team was rapid with solving such issues, but trig was Hanz' strong suit.

The so-called quiet life the friends had was about to become dissrupted, not only by harder homework assignments and tests but by a hot-to-trot Italian-American girl named Sylvia Rinaldi.

There was already a skuttlebutt going out against her and many of the faculty, staff and students were afraid of her. Brandon and the rest of the detective team wanted to know why, and they were about to find out.

To Be Continued...