Intrepid Detectives On A Mission

Case of the Escaped Gorilla

Synopsis: Taking place during the High School and College years of our heroes ending with their employement, success, marriages and family lives.

~*~ Characters ~*~

Brandon Logan Thomas Junior, whose father, Brandon Devon Sr. is a police officer

Tyrone Luke Thomas, his younger brother

Tabitha Thomas, the mother of the boys, loving and devoted wife to Brandon Devon Sr.

Tiara Thomas, token librarian for the team, makes sure all 'minutes' are up to date and that the Detectives keep up to task

'Angie' Angela Louisa Lopez, the street smart athlete

Lord Colin Postelwaithe, token 'rich' spoiled kid, tends to be impulsive, a British import

Lynn Cloudfeather, the 'brain' and spiritual one

Sue Ming, treasurer, secretary, violin player

Hanz Friedrich Ludwig, exchange student from Germany. Very rational, logical, and often quiet

Hanai Koto, whom having since redeemed himself from the 'Promise Ring' incident, is now an integral asset to the team. Poet, sage, and punk with a heart of pure gold.

Definitely one to count on in a pinch with secret knowledge of martial arts and the healing power of chakras.

Morgan Fox, a kind of 'mascot' for the team. Artsy-craftsy member.

Lola Barnette, Tyrone's girlfriend

Darius Koinania, Tiara's boyfriend

Chapter 1—Normalcy, Disrupted

Montessori High was quiet as usual, due to the fact that students were beginning to study for SATs and CATs. These tests would determine if the students were to be accepted into the College or University of their choice and these 'hurdles' as the students affectionately called them were often Herculean in difficulty. Yet, the team, already bogged down with cases of their own, had helped many students gain confidence in themselves at whatever questions the state of Chicago could hurl their way. Meanwhile, the friends were struggling with some questions on the SATs of their own. In any event, they remained calm and knew that they would make the cut in the Universities they had selected. If they were lucky, they would receive scholarships and internships while they were learning more about their applied fields and careers in the making. So far, all was going according to plan until Murphy's Law hit them all like a ton of bricks.

Classes were going along swimmingly and studies were uninterrupted until all of the televisions in every room had a breaking news report. A rather calm newscaster stated that Moloko the Silverback Gorilla had been released from the Chicago Zoo and was on the run. Apparently the gorilla was scared and confused. No one had treed him yet, knowing they were dealing with a wild animal. The Zoo's officials had come to chase him down and return him to his cage. The only mystery that remained was the person resonsible for unlocking Moloko's cage. Officials had seen a shadowy figure on survelliance, but Moloko had been released at dark and the culprit's features were difficult to make out. Brandon's father was on the case and tracing a miniscule lead. Brandon sighed and lowered his head momentarily.

"This is a local case and we're going to have to be involved with it. It'll take the Squad ages to figure it out on their own. So let's show them what the Intreped Detectives can do !", he stated, confidently in a mini-meeting in Room 206, which was now dubbed the 'Cave of Cogitators'. Brandon's faithful 'wagon' would be driven to the scene of the event, stat, for somewhere, there was a misunderstood animal sympathizer on the loose.

Chapter 2—Searching For More Clues

By the time that Brandon and his buddies had arrived to the Chicago Zoo, the police were looking more confused than ever. Brandon had never seen his dad so flustered and frustrated before. Despite all this, Bradon Senior maintained calm, and looked collected even though all the evidence he had came from a blurry survelience tape from the Zoo's security cameras.

"I've overlooked it time and time again, even in slow motion. The figure is too blurry to make out. I've even tried to run facial recs on the perp's face, and we have absolutely nothing. It's maddening.", one of the younger police officers, Lieutenant Kelly Farkas mentioned, shaking her head back and forth, completely flabberghasted by this 'ghost' liberator.

"This happened without warning, and we have bumpkus to go on.", another officer said, a greenhorn cadet new to the force, named Lilly Baynes.

"Don't give up just yet. Perhaps there were some places you haven't looked.", Hanz offered, trying to offer some optimism to a situation that seemed hopeless.

"We've searched everywhere, looked under every rock, crevasse and everywhere inbetween.", an older police officer named Hal, griped, as he sat down on a bench and lowered his round face into his hands.

"We're thinking of throwing in the towel for today. We've done all we could.", another cadet, Diane Freely mentioned. The gang couldn't believe what they were hearing. Of all people, they never thought of the police force as quitters, and such a notion was disappointing.

"Fine. You guys go ahead, call it a day. We'll take it from here. Once we find any incriminating evidence and/or the perp, we'll call you.", Brandon said. The police force left the case up to the Detectives, who were wondering now if they had bitten off more than they could chew.

Chapter 3—The Shady Character Returns

The detectives had searched the Zoo multiple times, only finding a fragment of a black long-sleeved sweatshirt behind. Colin, luckily, had brought along a travel DNA kit for such an emergency. Like the others, he was always prepared for such situations.

"My laptop says that this man is a caucasian, about 35, staunch member of PETA and blooming anthropologist. This isn't the first time he's released apes like Moloko.", Colin said, reading out the information that was spouting out of his trusty computer, Linda.

"Name ! We need a name, 007 !", Angie teased, feigning impatience. Colin looked back at his girlfriend knowingly and winked.

"I'm getting to that, poppet. Said perpetrator is Grigory Vrudskiya. Ukranian heritage, but born on US soil. He got away scot free the last time he tried to free some chimpanzees. That time, it was Cincinatti he hit. He's also hit other big cities and he goes by the alias 'Tarzan', interestingly.", Colin said, finishing the report. Vrudskiya had been in police records before according to Linda'sdata. Now that Moloko had been returned and was cavorting about his cage with his shrewdness.

Though the team had their evidence, they didn't have their liberator. Hanai had thought of something useful.

"We could have a steak out.", he sugguested.

"Just like in the movies !", Morgan agreed. They would have to have permission from the keepers to watch the ape cages and take shifts monitoring the survelliance feeds for Grigory to return, which he most likely would. He never had any success with his missions, but he never gave up in giving freedom to proprimates and primates alike.

At about 12:00 midnight, there was movement next to Moloko's cage again. It was Vrudskiya, taking some pliers, trying to cut off the locks for the second time. The keepers shone the flood lights on him and announced over the PA,

"Drop the pliers, Vrudskiya. You're under arrest for breaking and entering and unlawful liberation of animals."

The police were called quickly and arrived rapidly on the scene. The older officer remembered Vrudskyia, a bit miffed that this Ukranian-American had escaped his grasp many times before.

"All we can say is thank you for helping. We would've stayed on task had there not be other more important cases to solve.", Lieutenant Kelly Farkas relayed. The whole force was greatful for the work that the Detectives completed. Another case was finally closed, and it was about time too.

Tarzan would have to spend some time behind bars for a while and rethink his life. He hadn't been a bad man, just one who wanted to help animals. He had simply been going about doing such a service in the wrong way.


Finals were completed, along with CATs and SATs. The results would not come in until the fall of the next year, but summer was already around the corner. Graduation was bittersweet for the 8 best buddies. They would each be attending a different college in the United States. Brandon was going to receive a scholarship to attend the University of Chicago; an auspicious and serendipitous honor. The 8 could ponder on how their days in college were going to pan out, but that didn't much matter for the time being. Just as they had done in times past in their adolescence, Colin had decided to celebrate at the Incredible Pizza Company after graduation had come and gone. The days to follow were spent at King's Island riding the latest and greatest roller coasters, enjoying laser tag and indulging in the sweetness of elephant ears and cotton candy. Ah, how fabulous life is, especially during summer !

To Be Continued...Brandon has a problem of his own. Before he can start anew in U of C, his scholarship turns up missing. He doesn't have any enemies, and his siblings aren't suspect.

So, whodunnit ?