Prologue: Aya is the type of woman who is so laid back, doesn't really care much about life and just does her own thing. In high school, 10 out of 10 students thinks that she'd be the girl who will get married first because of her charm, good looks, personality and the fact that she doesn't ran out of men in her life. Unlike many of her girlfriends, she doesn't believe in love at first sight, at least not until...

Chapter 1 – The Meeting.

I'm Aya Hamasaki, 20 years old and a freshman here in Tokyo Int'l University. I'm a transferee though; I kept shifting from one major to the other. Oh well, life is just like that but, I have a feeling that this time, I did the right choice attending this university. Besides, I've been here over a semester already. I have made friends and experience different exams... I think this is the school I want to graduate – for good!

"Aya!" Kristy shouted while running at the hallway towards her.

"Hey, Kristy. What's up? I can't believe you can actually run like that while wearing high heeled stilettos." I said as I gently face towards her and gave her a smirk. "I won't lend you my flat shoes if you hurt yourself y'know." I added while I face my locker once again to fix my things.

"Aya, I heard you are leaving for your Internship. Is that true?" Kristy's voice suddenly became gloomy.

I actually don't want to go for an internship just yet, but it seems like this school wants to get rid of me, sheesh!

"Yes." I nodded as I closed my locker and walk with her along the hallway going out of the school. "I guess I will be busy, but I'd try to get in touch from time to time with you, so don't worry about it. Plus, I bet you'd used up your free days going to parties anyway." I smiled gently at her.

Kristy made a giggle. "We both just had a break-up months ago, we deserve to party and meet someone else, y'know. I was even planning to set you up on a blind date!"

"Oh Kristy, I'm not into those stuff. I'd rather go to sleep than party." I reasoned out. I hate going to parties anyway. I don't dance or maybe I should say that I'd rather not dance. I'm too much laid back for those kinds of things.

Kristy and I spend out last day together with some friends in the university. We went out shopping, had a karaoke's night, went to Sidebar, where we usually hangout, and had a drink or two. Tomorrow is the start of my internship. It's a whole day of orientation, knowing whom you will work with and the department you will be in – plus the uniforms we're going to wear. Normally, our internships are done internationally, but I plead for just a local one since I'm not sure I can handle everything myself when I'm in abroad. I wonder what awaits me in this Internship... at the very least; I hope it would be something special and not too boring.

The next day arrives and I am running late, thanks to spending the night drinking at SideBar – I woke up late. I forgot my I.D and pen. Who forgets those basic things, really? Ugh... What a perfect day to start the internship! Damn, so embarrassing!

Aya then remembers what just happened when she entered the employee's entrance awhile ago as she is inside the elevator going to the 10th floor…

"I.D please." The big man in a corporate attire said.

After searching and searching for my I.D inside my bag…

"Uhm, sir… I forgot to bring my I.D" I shamefully told him.

"I can't let you enter if you do not have an I.D" The big man said fiercely – heard by so many people in the area.

Few seconds of silence and he made a long sigh.

"I would let this pass this time, but it won't happen again next time. Who doesn't bring an I.D - anyone should bring an I.D wherever he or she goes!" He then handed me a sheet of paper to sign as a proof that I've entered the vicinity.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my pen as well. What could be worse than this? I can't believe how much I screwed myself on my very first day! I don't even want to remember any of all these problems anymore!

The elevator opens.

"Oh, I'm here."

I went out and look for the HR room; it's on the right end side of the area. I inhaled and exhaled first and when I opened the door, someone is there... staring at me.

It's "that" guy. I walked inside the room and it felt like there is a pause of silence – it felt like the time stopped, I can't even hear a single noise. Through that time while I was walking reaching for the chair within my sight – that guy, that man… he just kept staring at me, without a budge.

Who is that guy? I've seen him before. It was when I was just having an Interview here at H Enterprise. Yes, it was him – no doubt about it. The only guy who caught my attention…

Aya then reminisce about what happened during the Interview…

In the university, I've learned to always make a good first impression. I wore a corporate outfit, fixed my hair and look totally decent and professional. I initially thought I was early for the interview but when I went to the HR Department Office, it was full of interviewee's. They were wearing semi-corporate clothing, some even wore casual clothing's – it made me totally stand out which in return made everyone stared at me the whole time.

A female in the HR office approached me, "Ah yes... You're Aya Hamasaki right?"

I just smiled gently. "Yes. I am here for the interview."

"We've heard of your arrival. Please find a seat, the papers required were already sent by Tokyo Int'l University. We'll call your name for the interview later. For now, just relax." She smiled and guided me to a vacant seat. "Please do fill out this form as well. It's needed for the interview." She handed me the form.

She was warm and friendly but since it is my very first interview, it makes me all nervous. Now, let's see.., what's this all about? I stared silently at the form – applicant's information, huh…

Suddenly, my mobile phone vibrated…

It's a text message from Kristy. What now? I told myself.

"Soooo... any hot boys there?" that's what the she said.

I can't believe this girl. I can totally imagine her right now. She's acting all chummy and excited if I'll meet someone new and even thinking about if I'm going to pass the interview at all! She could have gave me a good luck message or something.

I was saying things like that… but, I tried checking out the interviewee's anyway. Most of them are girls. There are quite a bit of men – thin and dark skinned ones. There is one who looks "okay" but he's the chubby type – below average, I thought. They all suck… - oh wait, here's a cute one.

"Gin Takeshi!" Someone called up.

A man in a semi-corporate attire stood up. "Yes ma'am." He says. He was immediately brought inside a small room. He is wearing dark blue long sleeves with a red necktie, black slack pants and a shiny leathered shoe. His hair was nicely done. It was a clean look. He looks like Show Lou, a Taiwanese celebrity.

Going back to reality…

Either way, it doesn't mean anything. I went here to have the internship and get over it. Who cares about him, it's not like I went here to have a love life or something anyway. I'm fed up with men and I am not interested at all.

I said that to myself, but, I noticed him looking at me, every single time. Was it a coincidence? A fluke? Maybe there is something in my face after all?

I stood up and went to the bathroom to check.

I stared in front of the mirror for quite some time… "I'm perfectly fine." I whispered to myself. His eyes, those eyes... it feels like he is eating me alive. Yet, he is so warm. Is it even possible to communicate with each other with just a look in the eyes?

I shooked my head, "What's wrong with me?"

I went back and took a sit once again. The proctor started the orientation talking about H Enterprise as she welcomes us all. I was looking at her, I know… I can still see him. When he smiles and laugh with his colleague's – he looks really cool. Especially now that he's just wearing casual clothes, a black polo shirt slightly fit that you actually see that he takes good care of his body – medium build I'd say and denims.

Uh-oh. He's not just kind of looking cute at all. He's a total hottie – especially when he is wearing his casual clothes. This is bad.

I closed my eyes for a moment and told myself, "Snap out of it, Aya. What are you doing? Focus!!"

I opened my eyes once again, listened to the proctor and took down notes about what she was saying. I suddenly felt an urge. Just one look, just once… if he looks back, then maybe… then maybe he is really looking at me. I just want to know, I just need to know… Just one more time.

I slowly turn my head to look at him once again; and to my surprise he is really looking at me – I think I just stopped breathing.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 – We are still looking at each other, my jaw dropped for a second there…

Then, he smiled.

He is looking at me, he really is!

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