The tears of God are raining down, someone has made a choice

A choice to end the life of a child and to end that quiet voice

The mother knows not that this is a baby, she could not care less

The child inside her womb is gone, sent eternally to rest

We know our world is corrupt when we take the lives of children

How can we get by with this? Do we not know this is a sin?

What if you were murdered? Your life completely gone?

Is that not illegal? Tell me you know that it's wrong!

I can hear the angels weep for the lives of the silenced children

I can hear a silent cry errupt from the souls of the babies forgotten

My heart grows heavy at the mere thought of what we have allowed

We've allowed God's creations to be destroyed by sin's dark cloud

Have mercy on our souls, dear God, I know that man has wronged You

And give mankind the heart to see the loving way that You do

I end this poem with a final goodbye, and for you I wish the best

And don't forget to give thanks to God that you weren't put to rest.

I know that not everyone shares the same beliefs as me, but this is heart-felt and I have an oppinion as well. So please don't flame at me because you think babies are just masses of tissue, 'cause that's not what I believe. Please review, though. I enjoy reviews a great deal.