Satisfaction. And darkness. Within the crypt in which he was sealed, no other feelings or sights mattered.

Simply because there was nothing else to see but the silent darkness. Everywhere. All consuming. Beautiful.

And satisfaction? Certainly there were other feelings to accompany this one, along with small flickers, tiny bits, hints and shadows of memories. Oh yes, there was a wealth of memories, stretching back... a long time. Thousands of years, that spoke of pain, love, suffering, joy - multitudes of emotions as vast and deep as the oceans.

Much more recently, a desirous aching hunger had been appeased, and now that sweet satisfaction overruled the guilt, sadness, and all else that had once weighed on his heart.

It was only right, deserved, to stay in this momentary lull of reality. To, even if only for a moment, pretend that it had not happened. To forget his broken destiny, loyal - now gone - friends, and the importance of what he had abandoned.

Leave all that behind, and two things remained.

Satisfaction. And blissful darkness.

Sardonic red eyes lazily gazed out at the inside of the underground tomb; thoughts embracing the deathly silent chamber.

The incredible and morbid power held within was at rest, and the figure relaxing against a stone coffin seemed to be in a dull stupor, with no desire to move or even think. The deep scarlet eyes closed. A smile lifted on pale lips. Content.... Satisfied.

Far away - or perhaps, not so far, a busy world went about it's business, unaware of the sleeping presence. It was equally unaware of them, unaware of the time ticking, ticking, changing, of the years passing...