Beating For You

The first time I loved you, you didn't noticed.
The second time, still nothing.
I vow to give up on you, but only if my heart would stop beating.

I tried to hate you,
But without a decent reason;
How long can this anger last?
Seeing your bright smile, my heart melts;

I tried to stop thinking about you,
By every time I see you, nothing else goes through my mind.
My love for you may not be as obvious as other's around us,
But I promise you it's still there.

Telling myself it's impossible,
Not wanting my heart to beat for you again,
Not for the third time this year.
But when I hear about your desires,
I wonder again, could that person be me.

The one you love, who is she?
Who is the one that keeps you from her?
Knowing that I will never have the courage to speak up,
I continue to dream on,
Even though I know that only heart break is waiting for me.

Even having friends telling me to stop,
Even doubting you myself,
After each heartbreak, and crying myself to sleep.
I still go back to you.

I still love you,
But when will you notice?
Or when will my heart stop?
Will it be the day when you reject me?
Or will my heart continue to beat after that?

If I can have one wish,
I would wish that I can have the ability to stop my heart from beating.
Beating for you.