I am Insomnia

Being an insomniac isn't as bad as everyone thinks. True, you do begin to fear large crowds and dislike sunlight, but how many people can sing the song of the night? It's true. The night does sing it's own song, and some people hear it. Others don't understand the night. They see it as something to be afraid of, something dangerous. The night is not dangerous at all.
What lurks in the night is.

The night is calm. Easy on the eyes... some, like myself, see better at night than they do during day. In the night, all of the tension brought by day disappears, flows away with the sunset. Now I can hear the night singing faintly, just over the horizon. I am not crazy. I am simply not afraid.

The night can be almost palpable, and you can feel it. Sleep creeping over you is the night. Most heed the night's soothing touch. But some are stimulated by darkness. They think with a whole other part of their mind. The closest thing that I can think of to listening to the night is listening to new age music- preferably Enya.

Night stimulates creativity, prodding the mind and spirit. A little bit of ice cream helps, too. Total darkness is preferred to sitting in a room at night with a lamp on. The only light on in my home at night is my computer as I write. When a light is turned on, I instinctively turn away from is, covering and closing my eyes, shielding them from the bright burst.

Understanding the night brings a whole new depth to your character. The night weaves itself into the fabric of your being, and it pulls at you constantly. During day is often the only respite from night's pull, but day is harsh and loud. I am most calm, most aware of my surroundings during the night; peace reigns.

The wind rustling the trees is a flowing, soft motion, in synchronization with everything else, not harsh or sudden. When it rains, the rain literally whispers.

Only a few people understand the rhythm of the night; they are known to themselves. Try listening to the night. Not with your ears: that would be foolish. Listen with your blood, your heart, and your hands... your eyes, your entire being. You might fall asleep; you might want to dance to the silent yet world-encompassing, soft yet inescapable music that is the night.

If understand this, or think I'm a complete nut, or just want to talk, please email me at Wisdom1256@aol.com
Thank you