Chapter One:


"Here is a map of the school and your schedule." My guidance counselor, Mrs. Jones, said, handing me the map and schedule.

"Thanks." I said quietly.

I was new at school in a whole new state, and I was really nervous. The school was so huge. It didn't help that I was deadly shy. I mean, I haven't really had any real friends before. Well, I did have friends, but after starting high school, they just sort of… stopped talking to me. I told myself that it was because they thought they were too good to be friends with me now.

"Alright," Mrs. Jones said, smiling at me and handing me a pass to excuse my being late to my first class, "have a good first day!"

I murmured a thanks and quickly exited the office. Once in the hall, I looked at the map of the school. Okay, I'll it admit. I didn't know to read maps. I was a terrible navigator. I started walking blindly down the hall, my eyes on the map, trying (and struggling) to find my way to my first class.

I yanked the door open to my first class, which was English, before I could change my mind and run away like a little girl.

"….that's where you put the period." The teacher, a tall, blonde woman, was saying. She stopped talking and turned to look at me.

I stumbled into the classroom (did I mention I was clumsy, too?), almost tripping over my own feet, but steadied myself. Immediately, every single head of the students turned to look at me. Feeling self-conscious, I stood up straight and stared at the floor, my face burning hot.

"Young lady, would you like to explain why you are interrupting my class?" The teacher said tightly. I didn't have to look up to see that she was glaring at me.

"U-Um," I stuttered, then mentally slapped myself. I sounded like a damn idiot! I cleared my throat, forcing myself to look up at her. "I'm new here." I said, handing her my pass.

"Are you a freshman?" She asked, taking the pass from me. Well, more like, snatching.

I shook my head. "I'm a sophomore." I said quietly.

"Alright," She said, scrolling down a webpage on a computer, "Abrielle, correct?"

"Yes." I said.

"Okay, take a seat wherever you want. I didn't make a seating chart yet." She said, turning around to write something on the board.

I turned and saw all the students staring at me. My face burned as I scanned the room for an empty seat. I found one at the back of the room in the corner. I made my way to it, happy that I was going to be sitting in the back.

I settled down into my seat, letting out a breath and shrugging off my backpack, putting it onto my desk. I hoped the rest of today will go good.

When the bell rang at the end of the day, I bolted out of my seat, ready to get out of this school. The people who knew I was new had been staring at me all day. Like, seriously? Have they ever seen a new kid before? Well, I guess not.

I yanked open the door of my mom's car, taking a seat in the passenger side, slamming the door closed. My legs were shaking, moving up and down quickly. I kept my backpack in my lap.

"How was your first day of school?" My dad, who was driving, asked me. My mom never picked me up unless my dad had something to do.

"It was okay." I said.

A few weeks have gone by, and nobody really paid me much attention anymore. They stopped staring at me by the end of my first week here, which I was glad of. I couldn't stand anymore staring. So far, nobody bothered to talk to me. Some people have, talking to me and asked how I felt at the school, and I answered them quietly. I guess they realized that I was just some boring girl, not worth getting to know, so that's why they didn't bother talking to me again. I didn't care.

Now, I was standing next to a row of lockers, reading my book that I had checked out at the school library. I had nothing better to do in the halls, so I read. It was Monday morning and I had gotten to school early, so, since I had no one to talk to, I just decided to read my book.

About ten minutes later, other students filled up the school, walking and talking or standing and talking before our first classes started. I noticed that it was five minutes before the bell rang, so I started to put my book into my backpack. Just as I zipped my backpack closed and stood up straight, slipping my arms through the loops of the straps and pulled my backpack on, something, or someone, crashed into me.

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