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Title : Apple Woes

Summary : He was the one for her. Trouble was, she just didn't know it.

She wasn't beautiful enough to be a cheerleader and yet, by some touch of miraculous fate, she was. She wasn't the only one to have brown hair but hers was least remarkable. From his place, it looked positively dull and boring. But somehow, he just couldn't stop staring at her.

She was the thinnest among the group, perhaps. But then, she had always been scrawny and awkwardly tall. She had been the tallest during their adolescent period but now, she was just tall for a girl. Awkward, but still tall.

He shifted uneasily in his position. What was it about her, he wondered, that made him toss endlessly in his bed, late into the night, feeling things he wasn't supposed to feel about her.

It couldn't have been her curves. That was laughable. She had no curves to speak of. Considering her eighteen years of age, her chest was flat. She had no curvaceous hips to flaunt underneath her short cheerleading skirt and her legs, while delightfully long had none of the perfection that came with long legs. He could bet she used razor everyday and if he ran a hand down those legs, it would be anything but silky and soft.

Her face was exceptionally ordinary. A straight nose, mediocre eyes and eye colour (brown) and normal cheekbones that had less of good days then it had bad days. If she applied a little bit of colour to those pale cheeks, possibly, she would look a little better than average. But then there was that mouth.

Those perfect, pink, pouty lips drove him over the edge. There had been a mild rumor (started uncannily by him) that she had gone under the knife but it had died. Much too soon, he regretted but at least it had provided him the necessary information. She hadn't, as it turned out, done anything. It was hereditary.

Which was a terrible shame. He couldn't imagine an old lady, her grandmother for instance, having those insanely cute lips. In the midst of all the folds and rivers and wrinkles would be that mouth and it took all his strength to resist from crying out in disgust.

That wouldn't do because he wasn't supposed to be where he was now. Sitting underneath the empty bleachers with a sharp hopeful eye and a tight groin. It was cheerleading practice and also, his football practice which he was captain of. But being captain has its certain perks and so with a deceptive voice, he had rung his friend to announce he was under the weather. It had made him sound annoyingly prissy but no way was he missing out on watching the darling of his eye, who was currently standing on top of the pyramid.

During sophomore year, he had thought of asking her out. He had thought of doing it with some grand moves, something along the lines of Tom Cruise's style and jumping off a helicopter above the cafeteria with chocolates but before he could lay out his plan, Mission Impossible had become the stuff from yesteryears and the witch had gone and acquired herself a hefty boyfriend.

Oh, what a cruel blow that had been! Imagine him, Jacob Spencer, captain of soccer team and quite the devil of female hearts, with astonishing good looks and piercing blue eyes, nursing his wounds while she had skipped towards the sunset without a care of the world with that SOB of a boyfriend.

Bitter times.

But he had moved on, moved on he had. He had asked out the head cheerleader (and definitely not to spite her) the next day and promptly lost his virginity to the blonde giggly woman. She had a remarkable body unlike her and it had been like being in heaven.

He wondered, again, how it would feel to be with her. Her being Apple Jameson, the school's most uninteresting personality. There had been another rumour that she had got into Cheerleading just because her father was the Principal of 's school.

But he doubted it. The stunts Apple was coming up with, right in front of her fellow cheerleaders and to his pleasing eye, were extraordinary. His chest puffed up in defiance. So what if she wasn't ravishingly beautiful? So what if she wasn't very smart and so what, if she didn't care two pence about him?

She was the apple of his eye.

He blushed in the dark at the lame pun. How corny. But how, oh, absolutely wonderful to think of! Apple Jameson, girlfriend of Jacob Spencer, the Jacob Spencer, Greek god personified. He imagined gaily of the things he would do for that girl. Chocolates, flowers, kisses, touches…

His jeans tightened a little more and he choked back a groan. She was driving him crazy. He was going crazy.

Why did that girl have to wear sparkly skirts? They had to be banned for being so indecently sexy, for inducing bizarre erotic thoughts in his mind. He ignored the fact that all of the girls were wearing the same pink sparkling skirts. He couldn't be bothered with the lot. His eyes were strictly reserved for…

He peered forward excitedly. Vanessa had done a cartwheel. It was just a flash but he had managed to catch a glimpse. He grinned foolishly, slightly disoriented.

…Oh, right. Apple Jameson. The object of his appreciation was now busy talking to Jenna, the Jenna he had lost his virginity to. Her perfect mouth was forming words so delicately. Jenna was displaying hippo like behavior in comparison to his Apple.

He sighed softly. She was so…He struggled with his words, searching for that specific word. Certainly not beautiful, that was out of the question. Pretty? He snorted. Not.

His mind groped for the perfect word. Erotic? He wiggled his eyes in consideration. Yes, Erotic. She was erotic. She induced in him, exciting, wicked dreams.

He stared at her for rest of the evening, drooling now and then or doodling whenever she was out of his vision. It was almost 8:30pm when they finished up. They had been practicing for an upcoming State competition. Not that he had anything to complain about. The more time, the merrier. He could gaze at her for longer periods.

The grounds were clear when he finally emerged from the benches, a content expression on his face. It was dark but the spotlights helped him make his way to his car. It was a top model. His father was exceedingly rich.

Actually, he had worked his butt off in a mechanic shop but he let people think otherwise. There was nothing wrong with letting people think he'd acquired those muscles playing football. Sort of made him seem more...macho. At least better than letting them know that he had, in fact, gained them while working under a car, soaked in grease and grime.

He whistled softly as he walked, fully satisfied with the turn of events. The parking lot was dark and only a faint streetlight fell on his car. He did a quick double take when he suddenly caught sight of a girl, leaning against the car, a distraught expression on her face.

He gaped at the sight of Apple, still clad in that skirt and short top. The few seconds he got before he could finally be in front of him gave him enough time to compose himself.

She caught his eye and smiled a half smile. His heart melted inside.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Apple Jameson…" He drawled, trying out his famous smirk, not for the first time, on her.

He was pleased to see it made her uncomfortable. It served her right.

"Hi, Jacob." She said stiffly, stepping aside to let his fit his key in and open the door. When she did, he caught a slight whiff of vanilla soap. He staggered against the car, thankful of the support and exhaled weakly.

Was she planning on killing him?

"Hi, Apple." He greeted back stupidly. His senses were being overpowered by vanilla.

Apple lifted a hand to push back strands of hair behind her ear and his eyes were directed to her ears. Again, ordinary if a bit elf like. He mentally put that information in a folder that his brain kept solely for her.

"Um…can I talk to you about something?" She bit her lip nervously and he clenched his fist tightly. All he wanted to do was pull her into his arms and ravish those lips.

"Hmmm." He hoped it sounded noncommittal. He wasn't about to make it easy for her.

"Um, you know, um…" She trailed off unwillingly, her brown eyes pleading. He grinned inwardly. She was definitely falling for his charm. She was going to ask him out.

He resisted from jumping like a lunatic. But god, his dreams were finally coming true!

"Yes…?" He probed, purposely deepening his voice. He leaned forward eagerly.

"I…wanted…" A pencil from her hold fell down and she bent down. From where he was standing, he could see everything clearly, with the light falling directly on them. The V-neck of her top fell open and her cleavage taunted his eyesight. He closed his eyes.

She got up and he opened his eyes again, swallowing with difficulty. "You were saying?" His voice turned husky without him intervening.

She shifted her body weight to her right leg, hesitating and obviously feeling out of place. "I don't know how to say this…"

"Go ahead. It's okay…." He encouraged charmingly, flashing her a sight of his pearly whites. She looked flustered.

"Well…I was wondering if you-"

"Of course!" He answered joyfully, knowing what was coming intuitively. At last! He just knew it! She liked him! She was asking him out! She was finally his!

"-could ask your friend, Daniel, if he could go to the Friday's Dance with me?" She finished tentatively, looking at him hopefully.

There was a sound of glass shattering. Jacob rather fancied it was his heart breaking.

"Daniel?" He inquired, his voice hoarse and unbelieving.

She blushed and put a warm hand on his shoulder, looking at him engagingly. "I really like him." Apple told him eagerly. "Can you please ask him?"

His lips thinned into a line.


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