You are a beautiful mistake;
Beautiful; like how you wear your contrasted top,
and your long, black points in the light.
Perfections—what I knew when I first met you.

Your cruel spectacles that hides away
all beauty of what lies underneath—palest blue.
Get rid of them and stare in yours truly,
those beautiful mistakes for someone of perfection.

Gentle touches, of a person looking lonely.
That voice that is more than equal,
to the birds that chirps at day rising.
There will be no one as perfection as you.

However, as beautiful as you may be,
there lies a mistake in this creation.
Oh, the flaw; how tender yet crude—
that pretty, pretty tattoo of yours.

Shaped like a bird—
written there in stone; stationary.
On that pale right leg of yours,
it continues to haunt, like a visible curse.

Oh, doff that cruel, cruel curse
and erase that little, one flaw so that you,
can finally be so perfect—
like a doll.