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'Bong, bong, bong!' Twelve o'clock sharp, the old grandfather clock sounded twelve times. Emily gave a yawn and closed her books, it is time for bed.

The wind was howling and the rain was beating hard on the window panes. Emily scrambled clumsily onto her bed and gave a sigh. It had been a very tiring day, and all she wants now is to slip under the warmth of her covers and go to sleep.

Just when Emily was about to fall into a deep sleep, a loud continuous tapping noise interrupted her. Emily furrowed her brows and turned over, trying to ignore the sound.

It was probably the branches of a tree tapping against her window. But the tapping noise continued. In a rage, Emily flew out of bed and opened the window.

The sight that greeted her was very shocking, she was struck dumb. It wasn't branches tapping against the window, it was a teenager outside her window.

And the teenager had white wings on his back. Emily gaped in astonishment, she rubbed her eyes, wondering if she was dreaming. But nope, he was still there, looking very handsome and soaking wet.

'C-could y-you le-let me c-come inside?' The angel shivered as he spoke. Emily could do nothing except nodding dumbly.

The angel flew in and landed gracefully into her room. Small puddles were beginning to form on the floor as water dripped down from his mesmerizing body.

Emily closed the window and switched on the lights, flooding the bedroom with light. Emily took a good look at the newcomer.

The guy had messy shaggy black hair, and mesmerizing apple green eyes. He had a heart-shaped face and he is tall and lean. He is so handsome, Emily was practically drooling all over him when she suddenly snapped back to her senses.

The angel was still very wet, Emily blushed in embarrassment. How could she leave him standing in that state? 'Do you need a towel?' Emily asked shyly.

The angel nodded and gave Emily a smile that sent shivers down Emily's spine.

Emily opened the closet with fumbled fingers, searching frantically for a clean towel. She finally found one and handed it to him.

Emily sat on her bed staring at the angel as he dried himself. Finally, the angel spoke up in low baritone voice, 'Thank you. My name is Dominique, what is your name?'

Dominique extended his hand towards Emily and tilted his head to one side observing Emily.

Emily sat there stunned, her heartbeat quickened when she heard Dominique's voice. It was sweet melody to the ears.

Emily inhaled in sharply trying to calm herself down. Emily's face was red in color as she gripped at his hand and shook hands with him.

Emily felt a sizzle of electricity passed through her palm as she touched Dominique's hand.

Emily withdrew in surprise, judging from Dominique's expression, he also experienced the same feeling.

Emily bowed her head looking flustered. On the other hand, Dominique looked amused.

'Ni-nice to meet you, my name is Emily,' Emily finally managed to answer his question.

'Excuse me, but do you have any dry clothes that I can wear?' Dominique piped up, making Emily jumped.

'Erm…' Emily hesitated. Emily didn't think she had any clothes that Dominique could wear, and she didn't have any guy clothes, unless…

Well, Emily's younger brother is sleeping soundly. But if Luke knows that Emily sneaked into his room, and borrowed his clothes, Luke is bound to go ballistic.

Emily pondered over the choices she had. If she enters and wakes up Luke now, he will surely be mad at her too.

If Emily took Luke's shirt and managed to put it back into place without him noticing, then the problem will be solved!

'Wait here, I will be back soon,' Emily whispered to Dominique.

Emily sneaked across the hall and slipped in tip-toes into her brother's room. A nasty smell greeted Emily as she opened the door.

Emily pinched her nose in disgust, ewww, her brother really has no hygiene conscious. Why didn't Luke cleans his room like any other regular person, Emily wondered.

After hearing Luke's constant snoring, Emily heaved a sigh of relief and entered into the suffocating room. Just then Emily noticed a pile of freshly folded new clothes lying on the table, such luck. Emily cheered up in the inside as she grabbed a shirt and a pair of pants.

Emily silently retreated out from the room gasping for air. The air in the hallway smelled so clean, Emily went back to her room and locked the door shut.

Emily doesn't want anyone to barge in and make a ruckus. Emily handed the clothes over to Dominique and looked away as he changed.

All the sleeping bugs that were here fifteen minutes ago were gone. Emily settled herself comfortably on her bed sitting cross legged.

Emily gasped when she saw Dominique finished changing his clothes.

Dominique looked ten times hotter in those clothes compared to Luke. They had to cut two huge holes at the back of the shirt so that Dominique's wings can come out.

'Thanks a lot for helping me,' Dominique said while flashing another stunning smile towards Emily. 'You are a very rare person.'

'W-why?' Emily stuttered, her heart racing like mad.

Dominique shook his wings, water droplets fell down on the floor. Dominique wiped his wings carefully, he seemed to be pondering about what he is going to say next.

'Well, normally when people saw me, either they screamed or yelled out in surprise. You are so calm,' Dominique mused.

'Oh…' Emily sat there twiddling her fingers nervously, she seemed to be at lost for words.

There was moment of silence until Emily broke the ice. 'Do angels exist?' Emily asked curiously.

Dominique smiled and replied, 'Aren't you looking at one now?'

'I guess so, but how come no one ever heard of your existence?' Emily asked still feeling perplexed.

'We hid ourselves very well. We were sworn to secrecy to keep this identity unknown to Earthlings like you,' Dominique said in a solemn voice.

'Then aren't you breaching the rules now?' Emily asked in a puzzled tone. Thousands of questions were running like a bullet train inside her head.

Dominique gave a sigh. 'I have no choice,' Dominique muttered in a barely audible voice.

Emily continued to stare quizzically at Dominique. 'Pardon?' she asked.

Dominique averted her gaze and walked towards the window. He looked out, the rain had begun to stop, it was a mere drizzle now.

'I was ambushed on my way back home,' Dominique said through gritted teeth.

'By whom?' Emily asked in a slightly fearful tone. There are things that attacked people in this area?

'The shadows,' Dominique replied.

Before Emily could ask what are the shadows, she was cut off by Dominique. 'Do you by any chance know any way for me to dry my wings?' Dominique asked.

'The rain has almost stop now, and I best be going home soon.' Dominique continued.

'Let me think,' Emily said. She put on her thinking cap, and ta-da, she got a brilliant idea. 'I got it!'

Five minutes later, they were standing in the kitchen while Emily blew dried Dominique's wet wings using a hairdryer.

They had to do this in the kitchen because Emily was scared that the sound of the hairdryer will wake up her parents.

The wings were soft and smooth to the touch, and they dried quickly.

Emily gave herself a pat on the back for coming up with this brilliant idea. 'All done,' Emily chirped happily.

Dominique felt his wings and smiled at Emily.

'Thank you very much,' Dominique said. Emily smiled and replied 'You are welcome.'

Dominique stretched his wings, and he stared at Emily. Emily felt herself blushing under Dominique's intensity gaze. 'Well, I am going now,' Dominique said softly.

Emily felt a twinge of disappointment, but she knew that Dominique doesn't belong here.

'Okay. Goodbye. Will I see you again?' Emily asked in a hopeful voice.

Dominique smiled and tucked a loose strand of Emily's hair behind her ear which sends pulses of electricity down Emily's spine.

'Hopefully,' Dominique said with a devious look on his face.

Dominique plucked a feather from his wings, he muttered an inaudible spell. The feather glowed with a purple light then he gave it to Emily.

'Here, if you have any trouble, called out my name. I will come to your rescue at once. Through this feather, you can contact me, though it only works once.'

Emily took the feather with an awe look on her face. 'Thank you,' Emily muttered. Her face was crimson in color.

Dominique smiled at Emily again, 'Okay then, goodbye.'

Emily unlocked the backdoor, Dominique stared wistfully at Emily one last time then Dominique took off to the starry night. Dominique became a speck of shadow on the sky which became smaller and smaller until there was nothing more.

Emily stayed there looking until there was no sight of Dominique. Emily locked the door and returned to her room. Somehow, Emily didn't feel sleepy, she twirled the feather with her fingers looking at it with a happy look.

Emily hugged the feather close to her chest. Gradually, sleep overcame Emily, and she found out that she couldn't keep her eyes opened. A smile was carved on her face as she lulled into dream land.


Dominique landed gracefully on the castle lawn. Suddenly, a beautiful woman rushed out from the castle, her face full of worry.

'Dom! You are back! Where have you been? We were all so worried about you,' the woman said in a rush. She enveloped Dominique into a tight hug, squeezing all the breath out of him.

'Mother, calm down. It's okay,' Dominique explained softly, trying to calm her mother down.

Another black haired teenage girl came running out too. 'Brother, what took you so long? It's nearly night time now. Are you alright?'

'Alyssa, I am okay. I am sorry that I made you worried,' Dominique said. Alyssa hugged her twin brother tightly as well, she was so worried for Dominique's safety.

Soon they were all inside the warm castle, and seated around the table waiting for dinner.

Queen Lucrecia had finally calm down, Alyssa was chatting gaily with her brother asking him about his journey.

'Dom, why is it that you are late from returning?' Queen Lucrecia asked.

Dominique gazed at his mother, and then he said, 'I was ambushed by the Shadows on my way back.'

Alyssa clapped her hands towards her mouth in horror, Queen Lucrecia was also stunned.

'The Shadows?' Queen Lucrecia asked with a note of urgency in her voice. 'Are you sure? But I thought the vampires agreed with the peace treaty.'

Dominique nodded, swallowing his food before answering. 'I know. I find the whole business very weird as well, anyway, I will send someone to investigate it.'

Queen Lucrecia nodded in agreement. 'You and Alyssa must be careful, Angelic couldn't do without you too. As for the investigation job, send Kyle, he is suitable for this job.'

At the mention of Kyle's name, Alyssa's face blushed slightly. Dominique who noticed this chuckled, while Alyssa glared at him.

As they continued eating, Dominique suddenly spoke up, 'Mother, I met an earthling today. And she's very beautiful. They are not as bad as you said they were.'

'Clang.' Queen Lucrecia's fork fell down to the floor.

'What did you say?' she whispered in a frightened tone.

Everyone was startled by the Queen's reaction. Dominique wondered what was it that made her mother acted this way.

A maid hurried over to pick up the dropped fork and replaced it with a new one, Queen Lucrecia muttered a quick thanks.

'I said I met an earthling today,' Dominique said with one eyebrow raised.

Queen Lucrecia was stunned by the confession of her son. 'You are not allowed to show yourself in front of an Earthling,' Queen Lucrecia said in an accusing tone.

'I know mother. But I accidentally landed there when the Shadows were attacking me. It was raining, and I needed a place for me to dry. It's okay. She is a pretty cool girl. She promised not to tell anyone,' Dominique explained.

'That's quite beyond the point. What is important is that you have breached the rules of Angelic,' Queen Lucrecia continued to say in a heated tone.

'Mother, I don't understand. Why can't we be friends with Earthlings? They are nice people too, so why?' Dominique argued back.

Alyssa was petrified at the sight. Dominique and mother normally get along very well, Dominique never talk back. But now… Alyssa looked from one of them to the other.

'It is a rule that had been established long ago.'

'Rules can be change, mother,' Dominique said.

'You are not allowed to meet that girl ever again, do you understand?' Queen Lucrecia snapped, ignoring Dominique's statement.

'Mother!' Dominique cried out in an exasperated voice.

'This is my final word. Do you understand?' Queen Lucrecia said harshly.

Dominique was taken aback, his mother had never talked to him this way before. Queen Lucrecia herself was also shock at the harsh tone she used.

Queen Lucrecia try to calm herself down, she took a sip from her goblet. 'I am sorry, I got carried away,' Queen Lucrecia said in a quiet tone.

Dominique stared at his mother, still shocked by her actions. Dominique cleared his throat and said, 'It's okay, mother.'

Queen Lucrecia continued to press Dominique for an answer.

'I am serious, Dom, promise me you will never go to find that girl again,' Queen Lucrecia said, staring straight at Dominique.

Dominique was caught in between, he badly wanted to meet Emily again, there is something about Emily he couldn't forget. He wants, no, he need to see Emily again.

Dominique opened his mouth, but no words came out. 'Dom?' Queen Lucrecia asked.

Alyssa noticed her brother was in trouble, although she had no idea why Dominique is so persistent about the Earthling girl. Alyssa had a feeling that the girl meant a lot to Dominique, and she hated to see her brother trapped in between.

So, Alyssa 'accidentally' knocked her goblet to the ground. Dominique who was sitting beside her got splashed with the drink.

'Oh my goodness, I am so sorry, Dom,' Alyssa said in a horrified voice, but her eyes twinkled mischievously. Alyssa winked at Dominique who understood at once.

'I am sorry, but please excuse me, I need a change of clothes,' Dominique said and hurried off before his mother could say another word.

'Dom!' Queen Lucrecia called out but Dominique ignored her and continued his way.

Queen Lucrecia sighed and shook her head dolefully. This is bad, really bad, her son seem to be smitten by an Earthling. Dominique is such a good son, but now, he had change.

Queen Lucrecia's hands tighten into a fist, whoever that Earthling girl is, she must find out. That girl has a bad influence over Dominique.

All the while, Alyssa stared at her mother with a curious expression, she had never seen her mother getting so agitated before. Alyssa wondered why her mother acted this way.

As Dominique walked towards his room, his thoughts wandered over to Emily.

Dominique gave a sigh, as he looked up to the sky. Dominique wondered whether he will have the chance to see Emily again.

Unbeknown to him, at one of the twinkling stars, Emily was also thinking about him.


'Ring!' The school bell rang, and all students packed their bags ready to leave. Emily tucked the feather inside her chemistry book and stuffed it into her bag pack.

After saying goodbyes to her friends, Emily half skipped half walked back to her house. Emily was still feeling very elated when she thought of yesterday's incident.

As she entered into an alley, a shortcut to her house, she shivered. The temperature seemed to have dropped rapidly, Emily wondered why.

As she walked, her heart was thumping, she had an ominous feeling. Emily turned around slowly, and a scream stifled in her throat.

Several dark tall creatures were behind her. They were creatures that Emily had never seen before, they seemed to be made of smoke, yet they seemed solid enough.

One of the creatures slowly made a move towards her. It was then when Emily's senses kicked in, and adrenaline pumped through her veins.

Emily began to ran, she could hear the creatures behind her gave chase, she wanted to scream, but there is no one around to help her. And she found out that her voice wouldn't come out.

Suddenly, a wolfish shape dark creature leapt in front of her blocking her path. Emily was startled, a crazy idea ran through her mind. Emily wondered if she could run through the creature.

Left with no choice, Emily decided to test her luck. Emily increased her speed, but to her horror, she crashed into the creature.

The creature might look transparent, but it was not as it looked like. Emily was flung back as she crashed into the creature.

Emily could taste dirt on her mouth, as she scrambled up from the ground. The creatures were all forming around her, ready to attack her.

Emily was petrified, she had no idea what to do, and her mind seemed to be blank. Suddenly a swish of light appeared, the creatures howled.

Emily squeezed her eyes shut tightly, she wondered if she will die now. Emily thought of her father, mother, her brother and her friends. No! She is too young to die, she had not even had her first kiss yet!

Time ticked by, and the death blow never came, instead Emily heard sounds of fighting and the creatures howling. Emily opened her eyes a fraction of an inch, wondering what was happening. To her surprise, the creatures surrounding her were gone.

They were focusing on attacking a stranger.

Emily felt her mouth opened in shock, the stranger also have wings on his back.

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