You've just learned about her,

And how deep she goes.

Only recently did you learn about the pain she caused,

To you it's all brand-new.

I have lived with the hurt,

The tears she made me cry,

For most of my life,

They stayed silent.

Before I even realized,

I kept my lips shut.

I kept what went on,

To myself.

She was my mother,

I decided I had to protect her.

How was I to know it was different?

Didn't other kids do that for their mothers?

It hurt so much to leave her,

To let her go,

What happens to the secrets I kept for her?

Does this mean they're useless now?

I second guess myself,

An average of once a day.

Wouldn't it have been better not to fight her?

Better just to stay?

She is my mother,

I will always love her,

And I'll always want to believe that she loves me,

Despite evidence otherwise.

It took so long,

To set myself free,

But that's how I know he won't leave her,

My brother's too much like me.