He could almost see her face if he focused hard enough. But no, as soon as his vision had just begun to clear something would jar him or snap him awake. He hadn't slept in over six days, his dreams littered with visions of a raven haired woman whom he had never even meet before. Though her features were always hidden he knew her to be a great beauty. She was delicate and graceful; kind and mysterious. And she was lonely. He lay wide awake in the darkness, chest aching from the lonylness he could feel coming from her. He had tried, on more than one occasion to speak to her, to ask her her name but the dreams were only visions. He couldn't communicate with her.

Who was this woman that plagued his nights? Glen wasn't sure. But he did know that he had to find her. He had to escape this insanity that threaten to take over his mind.

His mate was waiting for him.