"Luv ya bitch!" One of Amber's friends, Jasmine, calls, as she runs ahead of Amber. Ok fine, she doesn't run she stomps her feet making her boobs bounce. Amber reaches out to grab her hand and strides along side her.

"Luv you too." Amber says, but I can't hear any sincerity in her voice. Amber ended up inviting five of her friends, of which 3 of them have boyfriends who they brought along. I'm not a huge fan of any of them. Which kind of sucks because I have to hang out with them for my only night off. I stuff my hands into my pockets and scrunch my shoulders against the brisk December air. The sun set around four thirty, without the heat from the sun I could see my breath like smoke staining the air. Suddenly, I feel a smack on my back, it hurts for a second then gets devoured by the cold again. I glance over my shoulder to see what it was.

"Cold?" Lane asks. Lane is Jasmine's boyfriend, they match quite well. Jasmine's Hispanic background gives her out spoken pride and attitude; where as Lane's quick wittedness makes them an unstoppable fighting pair. A small smile etches its way across my lips, mostly because my chapped lips won't let me smile any larger.

"Just a tad." I say and try to huddle into my coat a little more. I pick up my pace, I can see the restaurants glowing sign not too far in the distance. I can't wait to be warm again.

The girls walk into the restaurant laughing as loudly as possible so all eyes are drawn to them. The restaurant isn't that crowded for a Friday night. In one of the front booths there is a gothic girl looking up at us behind turquoise eyes. She glares at Amber with brutal hatred, then her eyes flicker to me. She meets my gaze her eyes soften and she blushes before picking up her menu and begins to read it. She looks so familiar, I definitely know her from somewhere. I run through all of my classes but I know she isn't in any of them.

"C bear lets go!" Amber takes my hand, I look up from the girl only to find everyone else already ten steps ahead of us. Our table turns out to be in the back of the restaurant, thank god because I can already tell this group is going to be rowdy. Our waitress is…um… interesting. Amber has already insulted her to her face and spread rumors about her the second she left. The waitress is no looker, but Amber didn't have to be so mean to her, I'm sure the woman gets enough of that from herself. I try my best to ignore Amber the best that I can.


My fake bangs are starting to annoy me to the point where I have tried to rip them off multiple times. They get into my eyes all the time and I can feel my eyelashes brush against them every time I blink. I pull at the wig frustrated, but it doesn't help. I sigh and give up. Automatically my eyes flicker over to Chris's table again, Amber laughs with her friends, only louder then necessary to make it seem like she is having more fun then the rest of us. This is kind of true considering there are two families, an old couple, a young couple, and a table of rowdy boys. Still, it annoys me that she has to do that in order to make herself look good.

"Can I beat her up yet?" Ms. Sarah's voice blocks out most of Amber's laughter. I glance up and keep a stoic face, no dropping my act tonight.

"What did she do?" I ask staring at the pad of paper and pen in her apron. She finally gets what I am trying to tell her and whips them out as if she is taking my order.

"She asked if I was a waitress or if I was a monster coming to eat them, because if I am going to eat them the least I could do is take out her eyes so she wouldn't have to look at me anymore. She is such a bitch! Rude beyond belief. Why the hell is Chris going out with her?" Ms. Sarah massages the bridge of her nose and lets out a deep sigh.

"I don't know this plan better work." Ms. Sarah pretends to write something down.

"Trust me, now that I know she is exactly as you said she is this is going to be great." Ms. Sarah winks at me and strides away with a little too much confidence for her character. I take a sip of my water to wash down the nervousness that suddenly came. Only for the water to go down the wrong way and I end up having a cough attack. Chris looks up at me and whispers something to Amber. Amber looks up at me and snorts. Chris gives me a half smile, as if to reassure me what Amber is laughing about is nothing to worry about. Its ok, Amber is going to eat the tracer pills crushed into her drink making her pee turn blue for the next 2-3 days. Don't worry it's harmless, only dye, but Amber will flip! She is going to be scared and tormented for the next 3 days, and lets face it, what's better then that? Besides, she won't even know it was me who did it. I smile at Chris extremely happy.

Ms. Sarah walks by again only this time with drinks on her tray, Amber ordered a cherry temple, so the liquid has a weird tint, but it's a good thing she didn't order sprite or water, then that side of the plan wouldn't have worked. Ms. Sarah sets down the drinks with an extra smile to Amber. To my pleasure Amber shudders. Ms. Sarah then takes their food orders where the real plan will unfold. I lick my lips and quickly take another sip of water. I hate the taste of lipstick, especially black licorice lipstick.


I hear hacking coughs coming from somewhere in the restaurant. I eagerly pull myself away from Amber's gossip circle and look around to find the source to make sure no one is choking. My eye's immediately fall to the gothic girl in the front of the restaurant. Maybe it's because we are sitting directly across from each other, but I feel like when ever I look up my eyes are drawn to her. I know her from somewhere, its like there's some bond between us or something.

The girl is the one coughing, and she stops coughing enough to meet my gaze, only to suck in a breath and begin coughing all over again. I tap Amber on the shoulder to get her attention.

"Say, does that girl look familiar?" I whisper to Amber. Amber finds who I am talking about easily. The one thing Amber is good at is picking people out of the crowd. Amber lets out a loud snort and begins to laugh.

"I wish she did, because it would be so much fun to mess with her!" Amber wipes an invisible tear from her cheek. The girl looks up with determination in her eyes as she smiles the most brilliant smile I've ever seen a girl wear. I am amazed, and struck speechless, Amber's laughter and her snooty friends are only a dull roar. I am surprised, this smile could almost beat Miranda's half cracked smiles. I hear a clank come in front of me forcing me to tare my eyes away from the mysterious girl.

"Thank you." I say being polite, but Amber stomps on my foot under the table with her fucking high heel and almost snaps my big toe. I let out a grunt and glare at Amber with all of my hatred. She returns my glare with an innocent smile. I almost rip her head off. The waitress places down Amber's drink and gives her an extra smile. To my pleasure Amber shudders, the bitch deserves it. The waitress begins to take our orders, Amber gets an appetizer (she has this thing where she doesn't like to eat in public) and I get a hamburger. As soon as the waitress leaves Amber rolls her eyes and begins to talk about the waitress behind her back. I sigh as my eyes roam the restaurant. Once again my gaze falls onto that girl.

"Be right back." I say but I know no one cares enough to listen, so it really doesn't make a difference. I stand up and walk powerfully to the girl's table. As I grow closer I hear her singing Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. Is it just coincidence that, that song is Miranda's and mine's song? Her voice also strikes a cord in me, where have I heard her voice before? Is she a famous singer or something? Is that how I recognize her? I take the seat directly across from her at her table.

"Hi." I say. The girl jumps in her seat and gasps when she see's me. "Sorry to frighten you, but I couldn't help but notice… do I know you from somewhere?" I ask. The girl puts on a slight grin, and shakes her head no.

"I can't say I've seen you around." Her voice is soft and sweet with a vague accent that I can't place, but there still is a familiarity with it. I raise an eye brow at her.

"You sure? You just seem so familiar. It's like I know you or something." The girl nervously giggles and licks her black lips.

"I assure you, you don't. I would remember someone like you." She says with her ever so delicate voice, one that you wouldn't expect from her character. I let out half a chuckle and shake my head.

"Well nice to meet you…"

"Fedelity." That catches me off guard, how did she know my last name? But the girl just takes a sip of her water, acting as if nothing had happened. I let out a breath and rub the bridge of my nose, this is all so weird. I reach across the table and shake hands with her. Her hands are soft and warm, despite her black nail polish.

"Nice to meet you Fedelity. I'm Chris."

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Chris." She pulls her hand away and her eyes drop to the table as if she has had enough. I wouldn't blame her, I probably just creeped her out on so many levels.

"I'll see you around?" The girl meets my eyes for a few seconds. God those eyes, they are so breath taking, and I felt like I could read them so well, even though I've just met the girl.

"Yeah I guess so." She tucks her raven black hair behind her ear.

"Bye until next time. By the way, you shouldn't wear all of that makeup, it hides your beauty." I give her a sincere smile before trotting away.


Ok so I flirted, and I forgot about the papery thin voice I was supposed to use, but I couldn't help it! Chris caught me completely off guard, I couldn't even remember the fake name I thought up for myself. Did it really matter? I don't think so because Chris flirted back, and he called me pretty despite this disguise. Which means he thinks I'm pretty normally! It is all I can do to keep from squealing.

What was that? Did I just hear that? Keep myself from 'squealing'? I must be hanging out with Ms. Sarah too much. I simmer myself down to my normal fuming, I take another sip of my water.

"I DO NOT CARE! SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Amber screams. I glance to see Amber standing, facing Chris, glaring daggers at him. Chris doesn't back down and glares right back at her. Although his glare isn't as girly, more like his glare is as cold as ice. I can tell that Amber is starting to waver at her stance. Amber angrily huffs and falls into her chair anger making her cheeks flush red. She turns to face me and gives the most disgusted, angry look she can muster. I narrow my eyes at her and give her a look of defiance. Chris lets out a breath and sits down next to Amber again. I notice how he sits as far away from her as possible without falling off the chair.

After about twenty minutes of spying on the couple, Ms. Sarah walks by with a tray full of food. I smirk at what's about to happen. Ms. Sarah stumbles along her way and gives everyone their food except for Amber.

"Umm, yeah, remember me? I got the smallest thing on the menu and yet I don't see it in front of me." Amber barks and motions to the empty place in front her.

"Your food is coming." Ms. Sarah curtly says and quickly stomps away from the table. Amber begins to whisper to her friends, but Chris isn't listening. Chris is watching me instead of participating in their gossip. Chris motions to them and rolls his eyes. I laugh and shrug my shoulders, hey I say he ditch them, but for some bizarre reason he decided to date one of them, so now he is stuck with all of them. Ms. Sarah comes back with Ambers food. Just before she sets it down, she 'sneezes' on the food. Amber lets out a shrill cry.

"Now look at what you've done you useless wrench! You've ruined my food and now I am going to be the last one eating. I thought ugly people were smart because they had to have one thing that makes them appealing, but not you. You're ugly and stupid, so no one will ever love you. Not even your mother." Amber snarls. Ms. Sarah looks down at her shoes and turns tomato red.

"Amber you didn't need to take it that far. It was a mistake." Ms. Sarah looks at Chris with hope.

"Chris, you know its really funny, first you go and hang out with a random creepy girl, when you are supposed to be on a date with your girlfriend, and now you are standing up for a woman who needs to hear the truth." Amber snaps and stands up to look down at Chris. Chris stands up to be a full head taller than her.

"She made one freaking mistake. Its like if someone does one little thing that affects you in anyway you blame them for everything wrong on this planet; when really you should be blaming yourself because you are the cause of every single one of your problems." Chris nearly shouts. Amber slaps Chris across the face, and spits at him. He wipes his cheek on his jacket gritting his teeth.

"Lets take this outside Chris." Amber says in an eerie calm voice. Chris takes a step backwards to let Amber pass. Once she does he follows and they go out the front exit. Ms. Sarah silently puts down Ambers plate of food and pretends to be ashamed as she goes into the kitchen.

That is exactly what I wanted to happen.


"Amber please understand that you cannot just make fun of everyone who isn't perfect. You also need to understand that no body is perfect so therefore everyone has their faults. You need to accept their faults."

"Chris she sneezed on my food. She needs to know her place." Amber puts her hands on her hips. We went off to the side of the parking lot where it was empty except for a few vacant cars. I raise my eyebrows at her.

"Does she need to know her place or do you need to know your place?"

"What's that supposed to mean!" Amber gives me a disgusted look. It is one of her usual looks, her nose in the air, her top lip curling up enough to show her teeth, her tongue sticking out a tiny bit. It is so common from her, and yet its like I'm seeing her for the first time. She looks so ugly right now I wish I could punch her. Before I can stop myself I spit out what's on my mind.

"I think we should break up." This silences Amber, and for the first time she shows real emotion, not that fake show she puts on for everyone. I can tell she is trying to be strong, but I can also see the tears building up in her eyes.

"So you expect me to say screw you right? March away like I never cared about you. Or maybe I'll make out with you, maybe go even further to get you back? I've done that with every other break up I've ever had. So you would be right. But you're different Chris. You are the very first guy who I've gone out with who hasn't gotten me drunk just to fuck me, you're the very first one who hasn't even asked for it. You don't call me hot you call me pretty. You don't slap my butt as I walk with you, you hold my hand. I don't want to give that up Chris. I don't!" By this time, Amber has tears streaming down her face, and her bottom lip is trembling from her trying to hold it in. Finally she gives in and lets out a retching sob. It's so different from when Miranda used to cry. Miranda used to run and hide from everyone, and when I found her she would try to run away again, until I would force her to stay by holding her until she eventually gave up the fight and surrendered by clutching me close. Miranda was silent in her cries, and I could only tell she was crying by her shoulders falling and raising rapidly, and her ragged breaths. Later I would wipe the wet from her face and kiss her forehead and lead her to wherever we needed to go. Amber is a little different. She is just standing openly not even hiding her face and wails. Her face is red like a little girl throwing a tantrum.

"What don't you want to give up Amber? Me? Or how I treat you?" I say it softly as if the slightest pressure might make her crazed. Amber swallows her next sob and bites her lip.

"I don't know. All I know Chris, is that when I'm with you everything is different, you look at me like I am a human being and not some tramp. When I'm with you I'm suddenly happy inside." She says the last part slowly as if she is finding out the truth about herself for the first time. I am struck speechless. This is the last thing I imagined she would say; it is so against her character I almost want to…comfort her. It's one of the nicest things a girl has ever said to me (its kind of pathetic) but it's the truth. Maybe Amber is no Miranda, but maybe, just maybe we could make this work.

"But we fight all the time." I weakly manage.

"Its not you who fights all the time, its me. I was so scared of getting close to you, I pushed you away, but now I realize I want you here, with me. I'm sorry Chris for everything I've done. I wont blame you if you want to leave me, it wouldn't be the first." She looks down at her shoes and waits patiently for my answer. I take a step closer to her and pull her into a warm embrace. Maybe its because I am a sympathetic loser, or maybe its because finally Amber doesn't seem as inconsiderate as she used to, but I silently agree not to end our relationship just yet.

"I wont be leaving today I suppose." I say but my voice is muffled by her hair. She steps away from me, and that's when I notice a glob of spit in her hair that I somehow made. Uhh….hopefully she wont notice that.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Chris!" She throws her arms around me and gives me a suffocating kiss before hopping away. "And to prove that I am worthy enough I am going to sing you a song during karaoke!" Amber claps her hands and wipes her eyes before running inside leaving me outside in the brisk air by myself. Why do I feel like I'm a father who just made a deal with their daughter? Either way Amber needs this right now, and whether I'm happy or not it sounds like she needs me right now. I let out a sigh before marching inside before the cold swallows me whole.


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