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Chapter 1


My name is Silas DuPont and I am a werewolf. Not just any werewolf but the Beta of the Northern Pack. The Northern Pack's territory was the town of Amphora and the surrounding wooded areas. Amphora was a good place for us. The town itself was big enough that it was easy to blend in our pack of 136 with the humans, but not so big that the sounds and smells became a nuisance to us. The woods were large giving us plenty of room to hunt and still stay out of sight of the humans camping areas.

There was no hunting allowed in Amphora, and if you were caught hunting it was a $10,000 fine, courtesy of the wolves on the towns Board of Commission, but we took care of any abnormal rises in the wildlife population surrounding Amphora so there was really no need for hunters. All in all, Amphora was our home, and we were not going to get it up to the Cougar pack that bordered the west side of our territory.

I am probably the only werewolf in existence that is not only not trying to find his mate, but actively avoiding her. I had been avoiding her since I first caught her scent 6 months ago. I didn't have time to be tied down by some human woman when there was a territory war going on with the Northern Cougar pack. She would probably just get in the way and get hurt and I would be distracted and end up getting myself killed.

No, mates were more trouble than they were worth. So whenever I caught the scent of my mate I turn and walk in the other direction. I don't even know what she looks like. I can't know what she looks like. I've heard the stories that the elders tell about finding your mate. You see her and you never want to be parted from her again. I couldn't risk that. I don't have time to be playing happy families with some weak human woman. No, my mate would just have to wait until the war was over. Then she would be mine.

The Alpha would pummel me and order me to go find my mate if he knew how I had been avoiding her. It was unheard of for a wolf to avoid his mate, most wolves didn't have the control to keep themselves from seeking out their mate when they first scented her and those who did have the control didn't want to be kept away from their mate any longer. I could not see my mate harmed or used against me in this war, so until I was sure that she would be safe with me, I'd avoid her. Actually avoiding her is how I ended up where I am now, Sitting across from two of my best friends and pack mates, sipping on a cup of coffee. I had been heading to a bakery a few streets over when I realized that my wolf was trying to force me to face my mate, she was in the bakery.

As soon as I realized this I turned and walked the other way. Ignoring the wolf that was straining against my body, determined to go get our mate himself, but I didn't become Beta by having poor control of my wolf. So I walked to the coffee shop, where I was sure to find one of my pack mates. The smell of coffee was very soothing to us, even if not all of us enjoyed the taste.

I took another sip out of my coffee, relaxing as I did so, and listened to my friends, Connor and Theo, debate over which was better, coffee or hot chocolate. I rolled my eyes at their conversation but did not interrupt, it was amusing, and I allowed the scent of coffee to override my senses and breathed a sigh of relief.

I should have known better to let my guard down, fate had decided on a mate for me, and apparently if I wasn't going to pursue my mate of my own free will, fate was more than happy to take the choice out of my hands. I didn't pay attention when the door dinged signaling another customer. I should have though.


I was well aware of the fact that I wasn't ugly, I don't mean to sound vain, I mean I was no beauty queen but I knew I wasn't hideous. I was terminally shy though, I have never had a boyfriend and the only guy I had ever kissed was Otis MacPherson in the sixth grade due to a game of spin the bottle. I still hadn't been able to look him in the eye when he moved away our Junior year.

I couldn't imagine a guy ever wanting to be with a 23 year old virgin who couldn't even look at the cover of a romance novel without turning into a tomato. That was probably why I had first written off seeing Marcus Clement everywhere I went as a coincidence. After three weeks though, I was starting to think that I had a stalker, and I was starting to get scared. Marcus wasn't a small man by any definition of the word and he wasn't known to be a kind man either, his last girlfriend had "fallen" down a flight of stairs.

I hadn't known any of this six months ago when I got the news that my brother and his wife had died, and I had moved to Amphora. Four months after moving I was still blissfully unaware that Marcus Clement even existed. That had all changed when he walked into the bakery that I had set up when I moved here. He was looking for Callie, a high school girl that worked for me as a cupcake decorator; she was apparently the little sister of his girlfriend, who had at that point been uninjured.

A week later, Callie asked for some time off because her sister had fallen down a flight of stairs and was in the hospital. Later, she confided in me that Marcus was often verbally abusive to her sister and that she believed that he had pushed her down the stairs. Needless to say, I really wasn't interested in being the new focus of his attention..

When I closed up the bakery the sky was already turning orange and it was getting colder. I began walking down the street towards home and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I glanced behind her and there he was. Marcus was about 20 feet behind me and gaining.

I started walking faster, suddenly regretting not having driven my car this morning. The house was within walking distance of the bakery and it was an abnormally warm day for November so I had decided to walk. My beat up '97 Ford Focus probably needed the break.

I clutched my jacket tighter around me and had to stop myself from breaking into a run when I spotted a crowded coffee house at the end of the street. Hoping that he wouldn't bother me in such a crowded place, I opened the door. A quick glance behind me showed that he was still coming and I started to think that maybe the crowd wouldn't deter him like I had thought it would.

I needed to do something drastic to get him to leave me alone. The room was filled with high school and college kids. There were a few couples holding hands and sipping coffee and high school and college kids poured over laptops and papers or just chatting. If Marcus was really as mean as he seemed I doubted he would have a problem slapping anyone of them around and dragging me out of the shop. I cringed in fear as I imagined him doing exactly that.

My frenzied search of the coffee shop finally stopped when I spotted three guys lounging in the corner, the only people in the whole building that Marcus might be a bit apprehensive of and headed for them, something vaguely resembling a plan forming in my head. I fought down the blush rising in my cheeks and steadied myself hoping that this guy would play along.

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