You know those moments when your life flashes before your eyes…. Yeah I just had one of those. Now normally that would be ok, but not right now and certainly not when my crush is talking to me. I'm not gonna bother by going back to the 'start' of everything and trying to explain me, it's impossible. However I will give you these few details, 1) I am girl and my parents named me Beth, 2) I hate clichés yet I managed to get a crush on my older brothers best friends, 3) my parents are hippies, 4) I am 17 and have only just started 'that time' so I am really cranky, and finally 5) I'm a smurf……. Gotcha I'm not really a smurf, but I am pretty short.

So now you know a bit about me: Beth. I tend to forget what I'm saying and lose focus and…. Why is there bubble gum on my shoe? Man I hate kids these days, what happened to the days when you would eat bubble gum and then stick it in the bin? Anyway I will have to scrape that off later, maybe with a stick? Na that's gonna get the stick sticky and then a bird would pick up the stick, put it in its nest, hatch some eggs, warm the eggs, eggs hatch, baby birds eat bubble gum and die. See my point I will not be using a stick.

I have this major fear of doing something embarrassing in front of Kevin (My bro's best friend) so whenever I am around him I act like a stuck up cow, because let's face it I am pretty weird. So today when he came over I was trying to act all cool but my brother ended up yelling at me telling me to stop acting so weird. Hence the reason my life flashed before my eyes, it stopped at a memory I really hate. I had gotten really sick from eating too much marshmallow so as soon as I pictured this scene I did the most ridicules thing ever: I threw up on Kevin! He left and never came back, my brother entered the peace core and I turned into a vampire. That's when I woke up and my life flashed before my eyes…..

Yeah I know t's weird but I was in a weird mood so I just wrote randomized goodness. Review or else I will throw up on you…..