Seeing your face in the ripples on the water,

Knowing that I love you, kinda sorta.

Feeling awkward just saying your name

Even though seven years in the game.

To have and to hold, and not depart,

Seven years with all my heart.

Emotions and feelings surge through my soul

Only with you am I complete, whole.

Looking forward to the years more,

When we wake up wrinkly and sore.

Then a new lease on life,

Thinking "Yes I am still with my wife".

Nobody else would I rather share

The passage of life, until grey hair.

The return of colour coming soon,

And you, once again, with a young groom.

So every day until then,

We'll get closer, more than friends.

Two parts have become one,

Seven years gone, eternity to come.

So I leave this poem with a sigh,

Seven years gone, in the blink of an eye.