The Mirror's Knife

I glance at the silver shards that lay around me,

They mimic an image like a court jester,

Pretending to be the viewer,

I swim through the silver tangles of the river.

They bring me to a source...

...a shimmering source which frees me from the mask I wear.

The sky lark blue is like a looking glass which highlights the truth that lies within me.

It showcases my flaws and compliments my heart's hidden secrets.

The chestnut waves cascade from my crown into dainty curls around my snowy skin.

The pale cloth around me wraps in its purity while the delicate silver frame my purpose here...

I look back, right back into my past of many faces which now flow and blur into one.

The steel eyes peer at me outside the darkness,

I break them into tiny stars and run from the evil that lurked in their edges.

I ran into the forest of my thoughts to where I find him.

He envelopes me into his embrace as a lust filled passion flames inside us

...A blink...and the image fades...the facade leaving the slightest glint of hope in my heart.

I place the tiny red rose blood to the ground where we laid...

A tiny hole replacing him.

As he rests with other lost souls.

Lost to the mirror's knife...