Fight or flight

More and more of them are out there, just ordinary people who, for some reason we may never know, are able to do, fantastic things... scary things, things that defy religion, things that defy the angel, things that defy God himself. It is... for these reasons, that they are hunted, tortured, molested and murdered.

Chapter one.

Kit sat on her bed in the pitch black, terrified. It was dark, she was so scared. The door was locked and the windows were latched closed. She was trapped in the black. Alone, afraid, scared. Tears ran down her face as she stared at her hands, unable to see them, though they were pressed together. A soft sob escaped her lips as she wrapped her arms around her legs as she rocked back and forth. Darkness scared her, she had never been happy in the dark; it was like... like endless fear. She fell onto her side, still holding her legs.

"Go away dark, I hate you."She whispered to herself. The middle of the darkness began to glow with a small, dim light, but it was light and it was real. She got up, wiped her eyes and walked to the light and reached out to the glow but her hand passed through it. It hardly lit the room at all but it was something other than the screen of darkness, she could see the carpet under it, illuminated buy the glow. The walls were still dark though.

"Can you get brighter, little light?"

The light grew then, getting a bit bigger, enough to light the walls of the room so that she could see her way around the room.

"Thank you, light." She smiled and went back to her bed and climbed in, pulling the blanket over her. She watches the light for a few minutes, before she fell asleep smiling.

HE FELT ALONG THE Floor, trying to find his glasses but they seemed to be alluding him on purpose, that or one of those jocks stepped on them. He patted the floor, the sound of those boys laughing in the background. Neil clenched his teeth and kept looking. When his hands found the glasses he pushed them onto his face and stood up, not looking any of the boys in the eyes. He reached to his back pack but before he had the chance, the biggest of the boy snatched it away. He laughed and tossed it into the bin, his friends pushed Neil back into the lockers. Neil looked at the boy in the eye, he was big, not much taller but a few pounds heavier. A feral smile crossed his face and his eyes dark eyes turned cruel.

"What are you going to do about it... hm?"

"Let me go..."

He chuckled and grabbed hold of Neil's shirt and yanked him hard and threw him into the boy across the hall. Neil felt as if he would hit the ground at any moment but he only crashed into the boy who proceeded to push him back again, all four boys tossed Neil around. He closed his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth. He could feel eyes watching them. His face flushed red and he began yelling.

"Stop it! Let me go! NOW!"

"Or what?" One of the boys snarled.

Or this... Neil stretched out his arms and crashed into the next guy, only this time, he was not the one who was thrown back. He pushed hard on the guy and threw him backwards; the guy fell back into the wall and made the sound of air leaving his lungs. Everyone stopped. The guys around him stopped laughing and stared at him.

"What the hell?"

Neil turned around, waiting for them to attack him.

THE NOISE AND SCREAMING was too much for her to handle. The group of boys were clawing at each other. She recognized a boy named Bryce, he was an all star basket player, he and three other guys she couldn't remember were tossing some poor kid around like one of their basket balls, back and forth. He yelled for them to stop but they just laughed and taunted him. No one expected what would happen next. He threw out his hands, pushing the next guy backwards, he fell and crashed into the wall, the air knocked right out of him. The screaming and shouting stopped. Chris smiled, relieved at the silence. It didn't last long, though, the guys stared at the boy before throwing themselves st him. He fought back, hard, he landed punches in the boy's chests, knocking them off balance. Everyone was yelluing, cheering, boy the kids defeat. Chris brought her hands to her ears, she closed her eyes, trying to block out the noise. It was hurting her ear. So was worry. The kid there was so much smaller then them, they could really hurt him... He was fighting well. One of the guys had him in a head lock but the kid managed to rip away his arm. Then two of the guys hit him, throwing him down on the floor and they pinned him, Bryce, he was getting ready to hit him in the face. That moment between the punch was when Chris broke. She couldn't take it... She started singing, and everything stopped.