"You don't get it!" I shouted at him.

"I do." He answered bluntly.

"No you don't." I spat.

I went up to his face and breathed out in front of him.

I spoke, "I come from a place where survival is everything. You kill to survive. It won't or don't matter who, but you can't trust anybody. Nobody will save you, even if you beg. No one will take pity, even if you ask for it. No one will help you, even if you are on the verge of dying. All they will do to you is kill you. My people enjoy the pain they see. They enjoy the blood they spill. That's all we know. That's what we are taught. That's all we live for." I paused deepen my icy glare at him. "Friends will kill you, family will kill you, loved ones will kill you. Your child will kill you. Your wife will kill you. Strangers will kill you." I stepped back and stared at him for a long time before I started again, "I will kill you."

I looked away, disgusted.

Not at him.

Not at the world.

Not at me.

But the monster I created that is in me, that will always stay there.

The monster that killed her parents, her siblings, her kind, her friends.

Her first love.

The monster killed all that I needed to survive.

And now there is him.

Him to kill.