Where had it all gone?

I can't think of going through life as only half of one,

All the emails, words, secrets, and notes,

Were they all just funny jokes?

You just stopped talking to me,

My heart telling me to ask what's wrong,

Everything reminds me of you,

Every word, every breath, every song,

I thought you were the one,

It's sad to know it's all done,

We've been through so much together,

Always an 'I love you' instead of a 'See you later',

You were there when I cried,

You knew when I lied,

I was there to love you,

I've always had,

I thought it was the right thing to do,

We had our first fight,

You called hours later before I was about to close my light,

You told me to look out my window,

I did,

You were there with flowers that were brightly yellow,

My favourite.

That fight wasn't out last,

Our second came,

It came too fast.

We made up and said our 'I love you's

But I know that it wasn't the end,

How would I know what I was about to lose?

I loved you.

You said you loved me.

But did I know you were only pretending?

I think I did.

But I let it go,

Because I wouldn't stoop that low.

I believed everything you said,

Because I knew you wouldn't play with my head.

I sadly believed.

Because you love me right?

It was never a maybe, never a might.

I think.


But I love you.

You love me.

What's the deal?

Our third fight created a scandal,

It was too much for us to handle,

But you said you loved me,

And I should love you back,

Because you said that your love will never lack.

What did I think?

That I was going to fly?

But all I did was sink,

I never thought you wouldn't catch me,

But you let me fall and I hope you see,

That even from the start,

We weren't meant to be.