Running through a field of happiness,

Sprinting swifter as the wind whispers in my ear,

Well aware that I get closer and closer to the valley of tears,

Losing control of my thoughts,

Slower and slower I become,

As I face the gate of sadness,

Shadows creep over me like an eclipse covering the sun,

Invading the light,

Replacing it with the dark,

The darkness was so predictable,

I would like to stay in the fields,

Where I could be happy every moment of forever,

Where there's no hurt,

No pain,

No tears,

Only smiles and bright eyes that cover the frown,

Only laughs that leave the cries,

Never entering the shadows,

Never knowing of the eclipse,

Only light,

The light that shall shine my way through the path of darkness,

Through the pain that would give me aches for days,

Through the tears that would drown my eyes,

Through the hurt that would go along side me on every step I make,

On every move I make,

Please laughter,

Laugh me a giggle,

Please smile,

Smile me a grin,

Please eyes,

Let me see through the dark.