Made: Friday, April 01, 2011

Time: 8:06p.m


I'm standing over a cliff

With the wind blowing ominously by

Your name echoes back silently

The clouds say I can reach the sky

(Then why do I feel like falling?)

So I guess it's over now, right?

All that work, sweat, pain and tears

None of that really meant a thing to you

Not a single second in all those years

(So much time spent…wasted.)

I close my eyes and imagine a better time

The time I saw coming, but always feared

Always kept a blind on it, a dreaded fate

I see you've moved on, maybe even cheered

(Memories are useless in the present day.)

Tears fall, creating a flow in the river below me

I look up to see a figure of you smiling over here

I search around—is it me you're smiling at?

My vision clears and I see the memory disappear

(Reaching out only brings me closer to falling.)

I saw it happen to so many others before me

And now I know how they truly felt

But while they turned to me—who do I turn to?

On my face, my feelings, my heart lays a giant welt

(Do you have any idea at all?)

The cliff crumbles dangerously

My footing begins to slip

Will you be there to catch me?

I finally feel I'm losing my grip

(Don't let me go, I don't want to let you go.)

I hear your laughter as I have many times before

But it's so far away, unreachable at this point

I realize then, you're not laughing with me anymore

You're laughing at me—please anoint

(Say it ain't so!)

You've ruined this creature of your creation

That was the last straw, my dear

I step off the cliff, down the ravine I go

It's too late to save us, my very worst fear