Chapter 28/ the last :(

Aria had called Amy as soon as I had gotten out of the car and told her we'd meet her back at the house. I brought Beckett to Aria's car and climbed in the back seat alongside him. I held his hand, but he just leaned back against the seat and stared out the window. I thought Aria might complain about us getting her car so wet, but she was silent as well.

As soon as we got to his house and brought him inside, Amy ran up to him and wrapped him in a big bear hug that he didn't really respond to much.

"Beckett, don't you scare me like that again!" she exclaimed.

"Okay." He mumbled. "I'm wet."

"I see that. . .why don't you go dry off and get ready for bed." She sighed, calming herself down in an instant. I bit my lip as we both watched Beckett shrug and then make his way upstairs.

"How. . .how do you do that?" I asked, softly.

"Do what, hon?"

"How do you stay so calm like that?" I clarified.

"Well, I mean. . .I get used to it, you know. I could be so upset about something, and he doesn't know how to confront it, so it's like he just shuts down emotionally. I just keep telling myself that he's not trying to be rude or insensitive or difficult." She explained. "Beckett's a really sweet boy and there have been many times when I've seen how much he cares, you just gotta remember that he shows it in different ways. For example, he spent months working on Alana's room. If he didn't care, he wouldn't have wasted his time. . .and you, he probably hasn't shown you, but he has an entire sketchbook dedicated to drawings and sketches of you. That's how much he loves you, Kenzie." She explained. I bit my lip trying to hide my smile.

So it was possible. I mean, one fight with Beckett didn't mean we weren't meant to be or whatever. Hearing Amy's words helped me to regain the confidence that I would be able to stick this out and make this relationship work, however difficult it may be. Amy sure knew what she was doing as his sister, but I didn't doubt that she'd be able to help me become a better girlfriend.

I had known all along that there was something very special about Beckett David Saunders. It wasn't that he was an incredible artist, or that he was unique. To me, he was special for several reasons. The most important one being that he had taught me something very important.

Life isn't always what you want it to be. Sometimes things are wonderful, other times not so much. I used to regret the way that I'd had the tendency to be a push-over or 'the nice girl'. But, after being with Beckett, I realize that being nice isn't a bad thing at all. And just because other people thought I was "too nice" or whatever. . .that didn't even matter, because, to Beckett, I was the nicest person he could have ever dreamed of.

And I'll tell you, that is a damn good feeling.