That's That (April 1)

She turned around to look at me
and I didn't know what to say.
She told me we'll meet again someday
and hopped on the train, as it went away.

She hasn't come back ever since.

Years have passed and I still wonder about that day.
I wonder if she'll come back to where I am
to spend with me all the days left in her life.

I don't think she'll ever come back.

But every now and then,
I go to the train tracks where we first met
and hope that she's doing alright and well.

I sure hope she ain't dead.

And me, I live my life.
And that's that.

It ain't very happy
but it ain't sad either.

I'm content with where I am.
And if she comes back, then that's that.

Author's Note: What the hell's up with document manager? Anyways, this is the Singing April. Each day of the month will be based on a song I listen to. Hope you guys enjoy it. This poem is based on "Tangled Up In Blue", a song by Bob Dylan, from his acclaimed album "Blood On The Tracks".