There are places in this world that people unconsciously avoid. Places that people say are strange or haunting. And how far from the truth are they? Really? Who has ever ventured through these dark spots and come out saying, "That was a lovely walk," or, "The scenery was quite enjoyable." Who has ever come out- period? These places… I would like to believe they aren't my fault, but I know that isn't true. And so do the monsters who haunt them. They worship me for what I've done. All the while, unknowingly killing me. Reminding me of my mistakes.

I parade through their ghost towns and they bow before me. I don't know how long they will keep this up. The best I can hope for is someone to rescue me, because escaping alone isn't really an escape at all. I need someone. I want someone. It is what I dream of, when I am not dreaming of the horror I have caused.

Sometimes, I wonder if this is a dream. If I didn't really die and go to hell. If I didn't really open a portal trying to get back to the realm of Earth. If I didn't let all the dammed back into the world of the living. If I'll wake up in my bed in the morning to the sound of my pesky alarm clock. If Doug, the beagle, will be prancing around my bed, looking for a way to come up and snuggle. If I will head down stairs and eat cheerios for breakfast.

No, this couldn't be a dream. It would be a nightmare. I wish this was just a nightmare.