You, sprinkling water onto your garden and the mind of humanity, birds singing to your shoulder blades; you are scented as the wind is sweet.

I claim innate mastery of the realm you only dip the softness of your toes into. I ride my dolphins and quicksilver seahorses up to the surface to see your eyes dance around and offer you pearls of gold and reflective silver, while you laugh in cadence with a blinking orchid.

When I've lost my resolve to feel the sun, unfiltered through familiar blue, you somehow send butterflies as hopeful as wishing wells down to tickle my cheeks, and fingertips.

At times, I send crustaceans up to you, gripping in their claws the most beautifully shaped arms of coral that have caused me reminiscence of your breath.

In response you send me colors that do not have names in this universe...