Once upon a time, there was a heard of sheep. The sheep in this heard were very close to one another and loved spending time with each other. Whenever there was a get together within the heard, all the sheep would try their best to attend and were very sorry if they could not. There were no problems among this flock and it didn't seem like there would ever be any.

One day, one of the sheep discovered the company of a lovely shepherdess. He soon found that he cared deeply for this lass of the land and began spending time with her. Eventually, the sheep introduced the shepherdess to his heard.

At first the sheep accepted the shepherdess with open hooves and smiles on their wooly faces. They wanted nothing more than to see a member of their heard happy, and if the shepherdess made this happen, then so be it.

However, as the sheep spent more time with the shepherdess, things started to change.

Whenever the heard had their monthly gatherings to celebrate new lambs in the heard, the sheep and shepherdess seemed detached from the events around them. Even when the young ones of the heard were playing around, the sheep didn't join in as he normally would have. Soon, the his complete attitude and demeanor was simply unpleasant to be around.

The sheep's heard could not help but link this back to the shepherdess.

The shepherdess herself was no spring flower. She always managed to input snide comments about the way the heard should be running things. When things didn't go her way due to circumstances outside of the heard's control, the shepherdess remained bitter towards them.

It didn't take long for almost the entire heard to despise the shepherdess and what had become of their fellow sheep. On occasion, the sheep would try to rejoin his heard. But always, the shepherdess would call and the sheep would come running, abandoning his heard, his family.

Now, the heard is left to wonder if the sheep will ever become the fun member of the flock that he once was.

They don't know if he ever will.