These are my thoughts after the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. I hope you enjoy.

So beautiful; so serene
A work of art
The ocean has always been an intrigue to me.
Sometimes it seems it's asleep and brings us its beautiful landscape of peacefulness.
When the dolphins and the colorful angelfish shimmer beneath the surface
Of the cool blue waves. Gently, it laps at the shore in its peaceful sleep.
But as all things, it has to wake up sometime. That is when it's dangerous.
It can open its humongous mouth and sink a whole island.
Or become a whirlpool and suck you to its dark center.
Why does it, like all other things, have to have such a deceiving appearance?
It is land-eating, life-devouring monster sleeping beneath a deep, blue blanket.
It hurts to know something like that is watching us every day.
It graceful waves can destroy us any minute without any warning.