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"There has got to be some kind of mistake, I didn't sign up for this! Are you sure you guys weren't looking for a Caleb Applegate instead?" I sputtered out.

"You don't sign-up, it's a vote, and apparently you're this year's stud muffin," she said as-a-matter-a-factly.

Stud muffin?

"Okay look Hansel - if it makes you feel any better you can keep your pants on, but whoever is chosen to pose in the calendar is obligated to do so because this is one of our biggest fund raisers. So unless you need assistance in removing the fabric on your body, I would appreciate it if do it yourself so we don't waste valuable time," she snapped rather rudely.

I really didn't want to have my shirt ripped to shreds by those behemoths over there, so I reluctantly started to undo the buttons. She gestured for me to follow her to a wall of mirrors that were aligned with chairs. Her hand pressed down on my shoulder to get me to sit. I landed on the stool with a thunk.

"Frieda, this one's all yours," she spoke to the fairly rotund girl who was sporting blue eye shadow and frosty pink lipstick. 'Frieda' loomed over me and leaned in close to inspect my face.

"This is a pretty one, isn't he?" she raised her hand and pinched my cheeks with her thumb and fore finger. I could almost feel the circulation in my veins stop. Plus being called 'pretty' made me feel nothing but shame.

"Yeah, he's a real cutie," the girl said distractedly, and then she disappeared to harp at some other people. I started to drum my fingers impatiently on the surface of the vanity desk. Frieda immediately swatted at my hands.

"Do not make noise while Frieda is at work, she cannot concentrate with annoying tapping," she rubbed her temples as she said this. Her hand reached for a compact sitting on the desk, and before I could protest, she started to powder my face like there was no tomorrow. I kid you not, this seemed to be a life or death situation for her.

I didn't know what was weirder, the fact that she spoke in third person, or that someone would even think of allowing this she-beast to wield a brush in the first place. I spat out all the loose powder that made its way to my tongue. "Do not fret, Frieda will conceal that heinous pimple for you," she waggled the brush at me and winked. My pimples were probably the last thing I was worried about.

She carefully dabbed some goop on my forehead, but once she took out the shimmering stuff, I stood up to object. But I didn't even have the time to form words when she literally shoved me back down and swept glitter all over my body. "Nuh uh, I'm almost done sweetie, bronzer will make you positively glow!" she exclaimed.

Now I looked like a freakin' fairy. I wish glitter was all it took to fly away from this hell.

"Voila! Now go, flaunt those muscles!" Frieda stepped back to admire her work. I held back the puke rising from my stomach when she blew me a kiss. Another girl escorted me to one of the sets that were finishing up. This one in particular had fake grass and real live rabbits hopping around. What was I supposed to do, cuddle with one?

Apparently so.

Once I was pushed on to the set by someone who had a very powerful arm, they made me pick up a rabbit and hold onto it. I awkwardly cradled the rodent as someone took snapshots.

"No, no, no! You're supposed to look sexy not constipated! Smile a little!" the photographer instructed. I was too busy trying to avoid excrement to smile. The bunny became aggravated by my constant movement so it slipped out of my hands and started to sprint across the room. I swore under my breath as I began to chase the damn creature.

What the hell was I doing here anyway?

Someone else grabbed the rabbit and motioned for me to get back on the set.

"Okay, lie down on the ground for me, don't tilt your chin up please- we don't want a piggy picture now do we?" I cautiously kneeled down, careful not to sit on rabbit crap. The photographer paused for a brief second before she put her camera down in a huffy manner. She shot me an unnerving glare. "Holland? Your name is Holland right? Are you getting ready to pray or are you going to model for me? Because I don't have time for this utter nonsense."

"What's going on here?" a voice suddenly shouted from a distance. We all craned our necks to see who it was. The voice belonged to a very scary version of Mackenzie, who was making her way towards this set. "Holland? Why in the world are you getting photographed?" She had a bemused expression on her face as her eyes scanned my body.

"You tell me!" I exclaimed. I immediately felt like a naked bird stripped of its feathers.

Mackenzie narrowed her eyes at me before she turned to face the photographer, "I'm really sorry about this, I'll get you another model right away. There must have been an error in the paperwork," she apologized. I trapezed across the fake grass and accidentally stumbled into her. She shoved me back and nearly tipped me over.

"Oof!" I grunted as I tried to regain my balance.

"You're really fucking sparkly," Mackenzie snorted as she stifled a giggle; she rubbed two fingers on my shoulder and held them up for me to see. My skin burned from her touch, but I rolled my eyes to conceal my embarrassment. She led me to a messy table with stacks of papers settled on it. Her hand reached for the sheet that sat on the very edge of the surface; it had several columns of names neatly typed on it. I watched as her eyes widened at the content.

"What is it?" I peered over her shoulder to read.

"Why did thirty-five percent of the girls that were surveyed vote for you?" she asked faintly. I didn't answer, wondering whether this was a rhetorical question or not. "N-No I didn't mean it like that! It's just, odd because you're new and all..." her voice trailed off and she began to march towards a curvy looking girl who was flirting with one of the models. Mackenzie grabbed the tall blonde by the shoulders and spun her around.

"Piper! You were the one who tallied up the votes right?" she asked.

"Of course I did, hun," Piper replied, slightly alarmed.

"Okay, then how did Holland end up getting so many votes when people don't even know who he is yet?"

Piper approached me and draped her arms around my neck, "Jeez Mackie, I don't know about you but I think he's a cutie," she said. I shifted uncomfortably.

Mackenzie pulled her off of me, "Seriously Penelope, I don't think Holland is comfortable with modeling for our calendar so we need to find another boy, stat."

Piper started to pick at her talons, "Calm down Mackenzie, I go to this school to avoid my mom you know. And okay, so I may have messed around with the votes a little bit, but so what? I'm sure his pictures will turn out lovely."

Mackenzie actually seemed a little pissed now. "Why would you do something like that?" she snapped.

"Look," Piper let out an exaggerated sigh, "It was Aiden's idea alright? He asked me to get the people to vote for Holland so he'd have more exposure at this school because he's just so adorable! I thought it was a great idea so all I had to do was tell all the girls to vote for him, and it was super easy because the freshmen are like little ducklings, so cute and obedient!" she enthused.

So Aiden really was out to get me. I mentally contemplated the benefits of hiding in my room for the rest of the year.

"God he can be such an asshole sometimes. Call your stupid boyfriend right now and tell him he's going to be the alternative model for the month of April. I mean, what was he thinking? Trying to traumatize the new kid like that!" Mackenzie fumed.

I winced, did everyone think of me as some defenseless kitten? It's not like I had a heart attack during the photo shoot or anything. Plus it hurt that she still looked at me as 'the pitiful new kid.' Piper rolled her eyes, but pulled out her cell phone to make the call anyway.

Mackenzie finally acknowledged me, "Hey," she breathed out.

"Hey," I repeated softly.

"I'm so sorry about Aiden's stupidity, he's just an insensitive prick fifty percent of the time-" she suddenly paused then looked at me, "-I'll um, get you a shirt," she swallowed. I nodded as she walked away. As soon as she tossed a large tee shirt to me, Aiden made his entrance, herculean muscles and all.

I felt extremely stupid looking in my tee shirt that swallowed me like a comforter.

"Hey babe," Aiden said as he leaned down to kiss Piper. She playfully squeezed his arm then disappeared behind the smoke and mirrors, probably to flirt with the other male models. Aiden gave me a smirk when his eyes met mine, "What's up Reese, modeling not your thing?" he taunted.

"Leave him alone, Aiden. Just go get the pictures taken okay?" Mackenzie started to push him into the direction of the bunny set, but he stood his ground.

"I don't know why you're so worked up, I was just trying to help this dweeb get some girls and you suddenly get all defensive by making this sound like a bad thing," Aiden scoffed. He easily gripped her wrist to stop her from pushing and pulled her closer against his chest. "You don't like him do you?" he asked in a mocking tone.

I picked up the random glass of water that was sitting on a nearby table and pretended to drink it to occupy myself. I doubted that Aiden actually gave a shit whether I listened or not to his conversation, but their obvious sexual tension was making me feel awkward and out of place.

Her face flustered, "You're a dickhead, and I like Holland a hell of a lot more than I like you right now, so let go of me you jerk," but she didn't struggle any further to loosen his hold.

Aiden finally released her hand anyway, "Whatever you say Mackie," he grinned smugly. A makeup artist gestured for him to go over there with a wink, and with that, he dismissed himself. Mackenzie whirled around and started to storm off with a fast pace. I quickly caught up with her by taking long strides.

"Hey, what's the matter?" I asked as I walked by her side.

Mackenzie crossed her arms as if it was cold, but she didn't answer until we reached the entrance to the building. She paused abruptly to face me, "Am I a bad friend?"

I furrowed my eyebrows, "Huh?"

She rubbed the goosebumps on her arms, "Am I a bad friend for having serious lust over Piper's boyfriend despite his barbaric attitude?"

I probably wasn't the best person to ask, but she didn't wait for me to reply. "Oh my god- I'm such a horrible person! That's why I had to get out of there as quickly as possible. I mean, I don't even like him!" she exclaimed.

"If it makes you feel any better, Piper isn't exactly the most faithful girlfriend," I said.

Mackenzie didn't seem fazed by this, "Probably. It actually boosts her ego when girls throw themselves at Aiden. God, if she found out that I thought about having hot, steamy sex with Aiden, she'd be flattered!"

I grit my teeth and swallowed to stop myself from saying the wrong thing, the last thing I wanted was for her to be offended.

But she just started to guffaw, "I'm just kidding! Jeez, you should've seen your face. Nothing will ever happen between Aiden and I; I've known him since pre-k. He's just a little hard not to be attracted to sometimes," she laughed. "I don't even know why I'm telling you this, you probably think I'm some skanky whore now like everyone else."

I thought I caught a glimpse of remorse in her fabricated tone. "I really don't, but why would people think that?" I asked, hoping that I wasn't getting too personal.

Mackenzie just smiled, " 'Cause I'm a boyfriend stealer," she said, almost too pridefully. I couldn't even muster up a response before she grabbed my wrist and started to drag me outside, "Come on, let's do something tonight, like hit a club- as long as it isn't this."


"A porn store?"

I stared in disbelief at the flickering lights that read 'BARNEY'S ADULT GOODS.' There were several other decorations that included silhouettes of unproportionate women in martini glasses.

"It's not a porn store- I mean, it is, but it's other things as well," Mackenzie perked up cheerfully. She gestured for me to follow her inside.

I didn't budge, "I don't even have ID, they're probably going to check," I pointed out. I was really just looking for excuses to not go inside, but I didn't want to sound like that lame, coward who usually avoided sketchy places like this.

Mackenzie ignored this and skipped right up to the man who was guarding the front door. "Hey Clayton!" she greeted.

The burly man squinted his eyes, then suddenly lit up, "Well if it isn't little Mackenzie!" He picked her up and swung her around. "What brings you here?" he asked before putting her down.

Mackenzie was on friendly terms with a porn shop bouncer? I didn't see that one coming.

"I was just wondering if it was okay if my friend and I could just slip in to see Owen for a bit," she requested with a bright smile.

"Sure darling, just don't get in too much trouble with that thing," Clayton grunted. What thing? I was more reluctant than ever now.

Mackenzie nodded and grabbed my arm to pull me in. I stumbled over my feet crashed into a rack full of magazines. Pages of naked women started to flutter around me before they crashed onto the ground.

"Hey you! What the hell do you think you're doing?" an even larger man started to storm towards me. He had sleeves of colourful tattoos on his arms and menacing tufts of stubble on his jaw. This giant reached out to grab me by the collar but Mackenzie quickly jumped in between us.

"Owen stop! He's with me!" she exclaimed frantically. 'Owen' looked back and forth between Mackenzie and I, looking thoroughly puzzled.

"Is her your new boyfriend or somethin'? This kid needs some meat on his arms," he scratched his head. I shuffled around to grab the magazines to put them back in place.

"No he's not. We're just here to get some fake ID's," she said coolly.

He blinked. "Well why didn't ya' say so? Follow me," Owen said loudly. We walked past the aisles of sex toys and cheesy pornographic DVD's until we arrived in front of a back door. He wrapped his hand around the door knob and twisted it open to reveal a large, and slightly messy office. Similarly like the calendar shoot, there was a small photography set with a single stool placed against the white backdrop. There was also a hospital bunk that sat on the edge of the room, right beside a tray of sharp tools and needles. Finally, I spotted a large desk with an ancient computer and printer sitting on the surface of it.

"Why are there shiny weapons in that tray?" I whispered to Mackenzie.

"Because Owen's a tattoo artist as well- I told you this wasn't just an ordinary porn store," she answered.

"Alrighty, what's the name?" He looked straight at me with penetrating eyes.

"Uh, it's Holland Reese," I mumbled.

"Well that's a strange choice of name, but if that's what you want-"

Mackenzie interrupted, "He doesn't mean your real name, what's the name you want on your ID?"

I mentally smacked myself, of course that's what he was asking. I racked my brain for ideas, but my mind was blank. Owen started to tap his foot.

"Alright, time's up, we're using the name generator on the computer," he rolled his eyes.

Owen told me to sit on the stool. I positioned myself on the tiny seat, feeling like it was time for school photos all over again. He got behind the camera, "Okay kid, look confident."

He snapped a picture before I could even formulate any kind of emotion. "Wait! I think I blinked!" I cried out.

He shrugged it off, "Then say you have a lazy eye. Get off the stool, kid," he droned lethargically. It was Mackenzie's turn, and she got up to remove her jacket. I stared at her bare shoulder blade that had a small inked bird in flight. She hopped on the stool and flashed her pearly teeth at the camera. Owen pressed the button and gave her thumbs up. I watched her as she stepped down and walked towards me. "Just wait ten minutes," he informed us. So we sunk down into the ratty couch beside us.

Mackenzie slipped her jacket back on. "You have a tattoo?" I asked curiously. She paused mid-sleeve then slipped it off again to show me.

"It's a magpie," she said as she moved all her hair to one side. She twisted her body to give me a better look. I didn't even think as I lifted up my finger to slowly trace the outline of the wings and cerulean tipped tail.

"Does it symbolize anything?" I asked, pulling my hand back to myself.

She laughed, "No. I got it last year- by Owen actually- to piss my mom off because I was angry at her for something petty. But I like to tell myself that I did it because magpies are so graceful and divine- traits I seem to lack. Maybe someday though," she said pensively.

She was pretty darn graceful and divine to me.

Her hand reached into her pocket to pull out a small card. I noticed that it was another fake ID with her face on it.

"What's wrong with that one?"

Mackenzie flicked the card at me, "I look like a little kid on this. I think I was fifteen or something. God, I don't even remember what I did with a fake ID at the age of fifteen."

I quickly caught it and examined the picture. If anything, she looked at least nineteen. Her makeup was heavy but she had the same hundred watt smile that made me, and probably everyone else, feel warm. She looked happy in this photo.

"Here," I placed the card into her palm. She tossed it into the closest garbage can before sitting down again. I almost asked to keep it, but didn't.

Mackenzie stretched her arms out, "You know what I said about being a boyfriend stealer earlier?"

"Yeah?" I said as I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes.

"It's because I used to always flirt with boys who were already attached because I wanted to see if I could make them like me," she said softly. "I know, I was a little crazy. Still am probably."

"I'm sure it worked at eighty percent of the time," I murmured.

I heard her body shift, "Most of guys were extremely devoted to their girlfriends and that just made me feel insecure and jealous. All of my relationships up to that point were solely based on fooling around in bathrooms and library corners."

"What about Travis?" I blurted out.

"Did Caleb tell you about him?" her eyes widened.

"No, well, yeah, I mean- a little. All I know is that he was your boyfriend," I told her.

She bit on her lip uncomfortably, "Travis is in juvenile hall."

Mackenzie didn't have the chance to expand on that because Owen came back with two solid cards in hand. He gave one of them to me. I quickly scanned the contents. "Paco Van Giorgun?" I read incredulously. I heard a giggle escape Mackenzie's lips.

"I knew a Paco once," Owen said.

"What's your name?" I asked as I peered at her card.

"Ashley Michaels," she said with a grin.

"How is anyone going to believe that my name is Paco Van Giorgun?" I exclaimed. My picture wasn't exactly flattering either. My eyes were mid-blink and my hair was swooping in different directions.

"It's fine, you're golden. And don't worry about the hair, it's sexy," she patted my head, as if she had read my mind. I could almost hear the hint of mockery in her voice.

"Okay, that'll be eighty bucks, Paco," Owen grunted.

"Eighty dollars?" I didn't bother to hide my annoyance because 1. my name rhymed with taco and 2. eighty bucks? Really?

"No, eighty pesos. Yes dollars, I run a business not a service," he said impatiently.

I grudgingly dug into my pockets but all I had were a couple of coins and a candy wrapper. Mackenzie pressed several bills in Owen's hand and said to me, "You can pay me back later." I only nodded.

Satisfied, Owen curled his fists with the money in it. "You crazy kids have fun tonight," he said in a frightening motherly tone.

"We will, thanks for everything!" Mackenzie lit up as we exited.

"Speak for yourself," I muttered.


Mackenzie refused to tell me our destination, she said it was a 'surprise.' I concluded that any surprise of hers was likely insane or life-threatening- possibly both. We took the bus down a bustling street, but eventually, the concentration of people became thinner as the bus drove on. We stepped off at a vacant stop and ventured down the sidewalk for a good five minutes. It was eleven o'clock pm by the time we spotted a long line up waiting against the glass windows of a club. She took my hand and we merged into the queue as well.

"So, is this your first time going to a club?" she asked me as she gripped the velvet rail.

"Would it be lame if I said yes?"

"A little, but there's a first for everything right?"

The line started to move and one by one, people were let inside after they flashed their ID. Honestly I was a bit nervous that the bouncer would catch on the fact that I was underage. My height was the only reason that people would assume that I was older.

"If he finds out that my ID is fake, he's not going to chuck me across the road is he?" I asked with genuine fear.

"No, but he might punch you in the gut though, only if he's in a bad mood that is," she replied, as if that was supposed to be a more pleasurable option. When we were behind the people who were revealing their ID's, I hesitantly took my out. All Mackenzie had to do was smile and flash her card quickly before he let her in. I winced as I held up my own for him to view. It felt like years before he gave me a nod of approval. I scrambled forward to catch up with her.

"Have some fun tonight, Paco," she said smoothly.

We weaved through the dancers who were sticky with sweat until Mackenzie stopped at the bar. She wedged herself in between a couple of drunken men before she ordered a drink. I sat down on the seat beside one of the tipsy men. By the time I was comfortable on the hard stool, Mackenzie was already striking a conversation with the guy who seemed to be fully awake now.

"Long night?"

I turned my head to face the guy who spoke. He had sharp eyes and spiky black hair. "I guess," I replied with uncertainty.

"They all are. The girl your with is absolutely gorgeous though, why are you two chilling at this crappy club?"

I peered at Mackenzie, she threw her head back as she laughed, probably at some lame joke conjured up by her intoxicated company. "Yeah, she is," I said softly. "And I don't usually do this sort of thing- clubbing I mean. So I wouldn't know the difference between shitty from mind blowing."

"I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm more of a solitary man myself, but here, let me buy you a drink," he said as he called the bartender. He didn't give me the chance to tell him that I've also never consumed significant amounts of alcohol either. "I'm Dominic by the way."

The bartender slammed two cups of beer down in front of us. I felt a bit of the liquid splash on my face. Dominic picked up his glass and took two large gulps. He shot me a quick 'go on' look, so I reluctantly picked up the cup and took a small sip. The concoction tasted bitter on my tongue and I instinctively spat it out.

"Hey are you alright?" he blinked in amusement.

"Yeah, I'm- I'm fine," I hacked out between coughs. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand as the bartender glared at me.

"Alright then. I still didn't catch your name yet," he pointed out.

I coughed one more time before I spoke, "Holl-" I paused, "-Ah! I'm Paco."

Dominic raised an eyebrow, "Spanish roots?"

I cleared my throat, "Uh yeah, that's how we greet people in Spain, hola y'know, as in hello?" I rambled on. Honestly, I didn't know jack about Spain, but I was very good at bullshitting.

He grinned, "Cute. Hey Paco, since we're both not into loud environments-"

When did I say that?

"-maybe we could find a quieter place to hang out?" he finished.

I almost choked on my own spit as I became more aware of my surroundings. It didn't take me long to realize that Mackenzie had taken me to a gay bar. Dominic had been hitting on me the whole time! I widened my eyes at the situation, how was I supposed to get out of this without being rude? I jumped up, almost kicking the stool down. "I um- I need to find my friend, she's a compulsive drinker that one! I want to make sure she's not hurt. I'm sorry, I have to go." I quickly rushed into the crowd in search of Mackenzie.

I thought I heard a distant, "Asshole!" coming from the direction I left from.

Sure enough, I spotted several gay and lesbian couples enjoying themselves the further I pushed. Mackenzie could've at least had the decency to warn me, I mean I clearly wasn't an expert at reading body language. I flinched at the random groping I received as I moved, I had enough by the time I was pulled into a grinding sandwich that made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I finally gave up by a quarter past midnight and exited the club.

The chilly air hit my face like dry ice and frosted my fingers almost immediately. Needless to say, it was fucking freezing outside. I shoved my hands into my pockets to feel the change that jingled along with lint. I probably had enough money to ride the bus back home, but I had no idea which route to take. I was actually a little pissed off that she left me alone because I knew close to nothing about this area, let alone the state of Wyoming.

While I tried to keep myself warm by breathing warm air into my palms, I suddenly heard the piercing sound of a slap. I clambered ahead to see what was up, only to discover a narrow ally. Conveniently enough, Mackenzie was walking up towards me from the ally. I craned my neck to see the poor man who must've been the receiver of the slap. She looked irritated and cheerless as she walked; she even marched right past me. "Come on, let's go," she seethed.

I watched in amazement as Mackenzie stuck two fingers into her mouth and whistled loudly. It echoed throughout the neighbourhood, and soon enough, a yellow cab pulled over to give us a ride home. I quickly stepped inside the car after her. "Birchwood Prep please," she instructed. The driver nodded and pressed down on the pedal. And just like that, my short and less-than-exciting nightlife was coming to an end.

I glanced at Mackenzie, who had her arms tightly crossed over her chest and a permanent scowl on her lips. "Why didn't you tell me that we were going to a gay bar?" I asked in an irritated tone. I knew I was only adding fuel to her fire, but strangely enough, I wanted to make her angry.

"Because you would've refused right away," she said bluntly, not even looking at me.

"Gee thanks, and I had to figure it out on my own by making myself look like a complete jerk."

"I thought you would've realized it sooner or later. That guy beside you was practically fucking your face with his eyes!" Mackenzie retorted.

"No he wasn't- and what made you want to leave so immediately- did the boys in there not meet your 'List of Standards'?" I scoffed.

She narrowed her eyes, "The boys in there were pigs and liars, if not both."

I didn't say anything else.

The rest of the car ride was silent, but luckily, it was brief as well. Once the car stopped in the boarding school parking lot, we quickly paid the driver and got out of the vehicle. Now it was only us two.

Mackenzie stared at me for a few seconds before speaking, "I'm sorry," she barely whispered to me. I started to panic because she looked like she was about to cry, but she didn't. "As you already know, I'm kind of a bitch sometimes. I want to be a better person but I can't, I'm too dysfunctional." And with that, she started to walk away before I could even respond.

I didn't want to feel like more of a jerk by leaving her alone so I pathetically followed behind her as she made her way to the girls' dorm. If she acknowledged my shadow, she definitely didn't turn around to question my stalker behaviour.

When we entered the building, she leaped to her room and slammed the door on my nose. A moment later, she opened it again, and she was out of her skin tight dress, wearing plaid pajamas instead. "You can come in for a bit, but the dorm manager checks our rooms in twenty minutes."

So she was aware that I had followed her.

I walked into her room and closed the door behind me. I heard showering noises from the washroom along with pitchy singing. Mackenzie gave me an apologetic smile, "Ignore that, it's Delilah's shower voice," she said as she collapsed on her bed.

"You know," I started, "You really do have high standards, especially for yourself." I settled myself in one of the spinning chairs.

"I know, but I just never feel satisfied with anything I do, like I'm never good enough or something,"

I contemplated this, "Yeah, but it's impossible to strive for perfection."

I caught her smile before she laid down on the bed with her chin resting on her palms. "This sounds really stupid, but the only reason I wanted to go to a gay club was because I had to check off a task on one of the lists that Piper and I made."

"What- assault a man?" I teased. Her whole list obsession was still strange, but I was almost used to it by now.

"No, kiss someone who was gay. Well technically, get them drunk so they'll do it, but this guy claimed he was gay when he really wasn't. And he stuck his hand up my skirt!"

Okay, so that didn't sound so normal. I didn't even know people did those kinds of things just to pass time. Apparently, Mackenzie and Piper did.

"Do you guys do that stuff for fun?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

She shrugged, "I often set challenges for myself so I can feel the sense of achievement every once in a while, and that's why I make so many lists. I know some of the things I do are manipulative, but I can't help it."

I read comic books while she kissed boys in clubs for leisure. We were clearly in two completely different worlds.

Suddenly, the washroom door swung open and out came a girl wearing only a towel. She immediately held onto it, "Who is that?" she pointed at me with her free hand.

Delilah was as tall as a giraffe, maybe even the same height as me. She was cute, but paled in comparison to Mackenzie. "He's a friend," she paused, "Holland, this is Delilah." I gave her a quick nod.

We all turned out heads when three prominent knocks were heard on the door. "Oh shit, hide him!" Delilah hissed. "Just a second, Gladys!"

I tried to contort myself to fit under one of the beds but my foot was left sticking out. I scrambled out and stuffed myself into the closet. Mackenzie almost slammed the door on my hand. I had to squeeze in my shoulders because- holy crap- girls owned a lot of clothes.

"Oh hi guys," an unfamiliar voice said.

"Hey," I heard Delilah squeak.

Then I felt the thump of footsteps coming towards the closet. How would it look on my record if I was caught in the girl's dorm after curfew? I was a dead man for sure.

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