Blind Ice

And the thought of happy endings
enter our thoughts as high hopes.
Yet reality causes them to plummet back
to earth as the poor ascends away.

The day was exciting as he finally walked out from inside the large building he had spent so much time in. It was there in that place that he had long waited, along with many others, to be taken by someone and given a permanent home. He had at one point almost lost hope of ever leaving through the two large doors and seeing the lovely sunlight that shone outside. Each time a person walked passed his cage he'd put on his sweetest face and sit up straight as he tried to keep their attention. However, they'd always continue to walk by and would never look at him again and all hope faded. At times he'd overhear other people who tended to the other "tenants" about how he or someone else was "running out of time." These words usually lingered in his mind and worried him; especially when he saw others like him leave into another room and never come back.

But today was different.

For the first time he managed to keep the attention of someone, two people actually, and he was excited by the change. After this meeting he would finally be taken away not to that eerie other room but through those large doors. He was excited as he walked down the hall and out the doors; the two people at his side.
"It should be like this for everyone" he thought, "Everyone should be this lucky."

They took his picture when they first got home; his face seemed to almost glimmer with a sense of joy and enthusiasm. He had waited for what seemed like an eternity for the moment he'd be given a real home and the love that would come with it. He was young and thus his excitement of his new life caused him to jump around as he explored his new surroundings. He heard the sounds of the person calling him and he eagerly ran to him and his woman friend and jumped up against them. They seemed to like this…

Everyday should be this nice...

Something went wrong.

He wasn't sure what it was but they weren't the same as before. At first he thought nothing of it but as the days continued to pass without change he became concerned. Everyday he'd see them sit down to breakfast…lunch…dinner…but he could never join them; his bowl was always empty. At first he thought the bowl was for show and that their food was his too. He'd jump up on their laps and try to join in with their meal only to be met with harsh words. They'd yell at him and send him away to be alone in some other room and he's sit and wonder: what did I do?

His desperation began to increase as did the people's annoyance of him when he whined and begged. It wasn't long before he found himself put in a small cage out in another room alone. Either way, he felt no love in this "home" and wondered if this was the same for others like him: was this how it normally is? The days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into a month but nothing in the house changed. As the time passed him by, he felt the strength in his body leave him and exhaustion constantly took over. The two people seemed to almost ignore him as he weakly walked around and every hopeful look he gave them went unseen. The two people went about their daily lives as if he didn't exist and each time he'd try to gain their attention he'd be given annoyance as if he was a stressful burden and nothing more. All the love that he had dreamed of had been crushed by these people who he had believed truly loved him.

His thoughts were clouded by a painful dizziness that came with the hunger; a feeling that plagued him each day. However, it was on this day that all the strength in him had completely left and he found himself unable to move. Even the simple task of lifting his head up from on the ground proved difficult and he was unsure as to what to do. It was then that he noticed the people looking at him and realized that they had recognized his plight. Slowly he saw one of them, the man, walk over to him and looked him over with a rather blank look on his face. After a few moments he felt the man lift him up from on the ground and a sense of hope overwhelmed him. It looked as if that person had returned to him; this person would be just as he first was when he had taken him in. The cold air of the outside brushed against his fragile body as the man walked outside and he wondered where they were going. His expectations of being taken somewhere safe began to disappear as he felt the man slow down and come to a stop. Kneeling down the man placed him on the hard sidewalk and as he looked up to see him he saw that he was walking away. Once again his hopes had left him as he lay weakly on the cold ground; piles of white snow surrounding him.

There was silence as he lay alone on the cold ground and he felt his frail body ache each time he attempted to move. Although part of him wished to give up another part of him feared to do so. He was scared of what would become of him despite how he had suffered already. As night fell the air around him grew colder and he felt his body shiver a bit. A horrible pain radiated in his chest as he breathed uneasily and it quickly spread to the rest of his body. He had felt the same pain for a while but it was worse than before and remained with him instead of coming and going. It felt as though his body was breaking down from the inside and despite his want to cry out, he was too weak to even do that. Slowly he felt the pain become numb as his vision began to blur and brighten before the world around him had turned completely white.

At first he felt as if he were gliding peacefully in the air or through water without the help of his legs. As he glided the bright whiteness of the scenery lessened and soon he saw what looked like something he had seen at one point in his life; grass. Despite how he had never been able to see colors before, the vibrant hue of the green grass below him was clear. Soon he saw the grass stop at the edge of something else that was painted with more vivid shades that his eyes were never able to see before. Passing over the colorful object, the numbness in his body gradually faded as the feeling in his legs returned and his body seemed to slow to a stop. Gently he felt his paws rest down on the colorful object and gazed ahead to see it stretch out far in the distance. There was a strange pull on him that compelled him to run across the colorful road. The familiar sense of excitement overcame him as he ran and he noticed that the pain had completely vanished. With each step he felt more and more elated and ahead he saw something slowly come into view. Although unsure as to what it was he felt nothing negative and continued running until what lied on the other side of the road became clearer. There standing on the other side was a tall figure dressed in white; a smile welcoming him lovely. He had never seen such a pretty figure before and was instantly drawn to it. Upon closer inspection he recognized it to be a woman with light hair and delicate pale skin. As he neared her she kneeled down and held out her hand which he curiously sniffed and then licked lovingly.

Despite how he had suffered in the world at the hands of two people, the fear that he thought he'd have towards this person wasn't there. She warmly wrapped her arms around him and scratched behind his ears and he knew that it was something he had dreamed about for months since his birth; love. Although he had experienced kindness at the beginning of his tragic journey with the two people he was certain that the same thing would not happen again. Every loving touch and every kind word only made him happier and he paid no attention to the feathery white wings that draped behind the woman's back. Softly she whispered to him as she repeatedly assured him of his safety; that nothing bad could ever touch him again. Looking at her sweetly he saw her smile and a warm feeling filled him again and he thought to himself like he had once before that everyday should be this happy. As he watched her lovingly he saw her look back behind him and upon turning around he saw another dog coming from on the other side of the colorful road. His eyes gazed curiously as others appeared; dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and even wild animals slowly followed. Turning back towards the woman he noticed a tear stream down her delicate face and worried that he had done something wrong. Sensing his concern she smiled sadly at him and told him sweetly that he did nothing wrong; he never did in the first place. It was the same for the others who had arrived and it pained the woman to see that so many others had suffered as well.

The woman hung her head sadly and he lightly nudged her with his nose in an attempt to cheer her up. The other animals that had followed gathered around her in concern and she smiled at them all. A sudden faint sound echoed from on the other side of the road and the woman looked ahead to see the image of a person crying; an orange cat laying in front of them on a table in what looked to be a room at a vet. She watched as the person, a girl, gently caressed the cat's head and whispered loving words. The image began to fade as the orange cat crossing the bridge slowly came into view. The woman smiled and more tears streamed down her face as she was reminded that not all of the innocent creatures that crossed the bridge had suffered in their lifetime; some had been loved until the very end. It was this fact that kept hope alive; the hope that one day the cruelty and suffering would end at the hands of those who truly care.

For every monster is a human
who is willing to keep the memory of the lost alive.
Ignorance is blissful yet blind
while awareness is wise but dismal.
There is no true better place to exist within:
For each choice causes pain.
But endure what you can
in order to change the world
either for all or at least for just one.

Okay, originally Over the Moon was a one-shot that I wrote on a whim. But, I decided to add a second part to it (once again, wrote in one day). So here you have it, a second part that shows the other side of these abuse cases; sadly they don't all have happy endings. Now, like the original, this story was inspired on a true story about another poor dog; his name was Snoop. The last part is, sadly, also based on something true: my own situation. Anyway, please R&R and do what you can for animals (even the smallest action means something). Thank you for reading.