Hello old, new, and others drawn here by their little email alert thing, people. I was recently informed [today, actually] that my story was plagiarized. It wouldn't have been a huge deal if I didn't discover that the man/woman/hermaphrodite actually had the balls to publish my work into an ebook. If anyone would like to leave him a kind [by kind I mean horrible, mean, prick-like] comment, you can find him on . He goes under the name Johnny Smith, and the story is still Broken Clocks. He actually kept everything the same; he didn't change any mistakes. And there were plenty. Let's consider this:

I began to write Broke Clocks when I was fourteen and didn't know a damn about writing. Look at the first few chapters and that will become increasingly clear. I was planning on going back and changing everything! I made character names different throughout the story, played with Marshall's sexuality until the very end, which was why it was a little out of the blue when he turned up gay. Half the time I didn't even know where things were going until they got there.

But Johnny Smith had to be the oh-so slick man/woman/hermaphrodite that he/she/shim is and take a completely flawed story as his/her/hier own.

Broken Clocks was like my baby, and I feel like someone abducted her. This was the first story in which I felt accomplished; Idiocies of a Chocoholic was my first and will always be my most precious, but Broken Clocks held a special place in my heart. Thus why it is like my child. Seriously, my womb hurt when I learnt that that plagiarizing little bastard had stolen my hard work and my perfectly flawed characters. Not to mention he's making a profit off of it.

Any-who, Idiocies of a Chocoholic will never be completed for this reason. I will leave the first five chapters up as a remembrance.

As for Broken Clocks, I will leave the first two chapters up, and this handy-dandy spiel about Johnny Smith, may he never steal any one's work ever again. I might join a new website, might re-post it, but never again on FictionPress.

I was actually thinking about never posting on here again, but I'm going to wait for my bitchiness and intent to murder to subside and see where my head is at that time.

Thank you to everyone, especially to PurpleEmoChick, the kickass individual that alerted me to the copying pig. I couldn't have completed Broken Clocks had it not been for all of your kind words and threats. I hope that someday I will be able to post a new story, this time copyrighted, and stun all your beautiful heads into loving it as much as you loved Broken Clocks, Nico, and Mia.

Cheers to a wonderful year!

Johnny Smith is exiled from that statement.